The Riggins Life


I have been told by so many people, “Your family should be on a TV show!”  I’m not really sure that’s a compliment, given the reality TV out there right now.  But I will say that the three boys God has given to my husband and me make life…interesting to say the least.  As it seems unlikely that we’ll have TV crews in our house to capture our “Riggins’ moments”, I figured I could start sharing via a BLOG.

Let me tell you a little bit about us.  I am married to a HUNK named Steve Riggins.  Interesting story – we met (officially) in January of 1995.  Here’s how it all began…Steve’s sister, Alison Folwell, had been a friend of mine for years (still is, by the way) and one evening she mentioned that she had a brother I should meet.  Now, so that you understand, I was just coming out of a relationship and was at that “I don’t need or want a man” place in my life.  Wouldn’t you know that very same night after seeing Alison, I went to watch a basketball game and in walked this ADONIS of a man whose name happened to be Steve Riggins.  Oh. Wow.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him!  Yes, I was staring…awkwardly…but I couldn’t make myself stop.  Of course, I called Alison the very next morning to tell her I had a change of heart and maybe I would be interested in meeting her brother after all.  Our first date was January 13, 1995 and we were happily married April 14, 1995.  Our whirlwind engagement will be for another post. You won’t want to miss it. 😉

When Steve and I met, I had a beautiful little toe-headed 4 1/2  year old boy named Wesley.  He fell in love with Steve as quickly as I did and we were an instant family.  By December of 1995, I was expecting our next son, Caleb. Caleb eased into the world 9/15/96 at a whopping 5 1/2 pounds but hasn’t stopped growing since.  Fast forward to July 6, 2000 and you can meet our third (and final) son, Stephen Elijah Young Riggins (named “Young” after his fraternal grandmother who threatened to cut all of her kids out of the will if one of the five of them didn’t use her name. You’re welcome, family).

Our life never stops moving.  We laugh every single day, we cry sometimes, we get frustrated over grades and back-talking, and yes, I have been known to scream (actually loudly at times…sorry neighbors).  But at the end of the day there’s only One that we love more than each other. That would be the One who saved us, redeemed us, brought us together and probably laughs at us – Jesus Christ.  I have so much to share about Him and how He is the center of the Riggins’ life. Why my life is so interesting....


About therigginslife

I'm a redeemed, sold-out believer in Jesus Christ, a daughter of the King of kings! My life has been abundantly blessed with an amazing, godly man and three precious sons. If I could sing all day long, I would; but not just any songs move me. I love all sorts of music, but I soar when I'm singing about my Savior. Almost as much as I love to sing, I love to here goes nothin'...

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  1. I love your blog. A beautiful story and a beautiful family. God Bless you all!

    Carol Thomas

  2. Love it. Keep them coming. I actually read this one after the second post. Still enjoyed them both.

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