I can…canoe?


What a perfect weekend to be on the lake….on a boat.  The wind blowing through your hair as you speed down the water while soaking in the sun.  Nothing like it.  Can you just picture it?  Yeah?  Well, that was not us this weekend.

Several years ago, Steve & I had a boat.  A Mastercraft ski boat and it was AWESOME.  We took it on the lake nearly every Saturday (we had lots of friends…LOL) and it was truly a wonderful way to spend entire days together with the family and friends.  June-early September was sheer bliss.  Then the weather would change, the cover would go on the boat and it stayed parked in the carport until the next boating season came around.  The payments, however, didn’t stop and they weren’t much fun to make when the boat was parked.  Not to mention, boats are not cheap toys.  Much to Steve’s dismay, we opted to sale our boat after enjoying it for about 3 years.  That day was both happy and sad; happy because the payments were gone and sad because so was the boat.

Since then, we have learned to enjoy other things during the summer besides boating and we haven’t really missed our ski boat.  Until this weekend.

Here’s what happened…you know that Caleb loves to fish and we, as a family enjoy (modern) camping.  Well, recently our nephew decided he wanted to sell his 3-seat canoe, complete with all of the accessories, for a fair price.  Steve decided this would be a fun way to get back out on the lake with the boys, to relax and fish without spending an outrageous amount of money on a motorized vessel.  The boys were super excited about the canoe.  We picked it up Friday evening and we were ready.

“Let’s hit the lake, dad!”

Yes!  Let’s!  Steve begins, “Okay boys.  We need to get our life jackets”  (the ones we kept from our earlier boating days).  “Robin, where are the life jackets?”  Uh-oh…I’m pretty sure Wes took those to Charlotte with him because his uncle lives on Lake Norman (tough life) and he and Kendal thought they might need them for skiing.   Sorry babe….

I get the eyeroll from Steve.  “Okayyyy, we need to get life jackets.  And we’ll need rope to tie to the front of the canoe to pull it out of the water.  And I need to find brackets so it will be easier to carry the canoe on top of the truck, and…”

Bye-bye lake.  Hello Walmart.  Fortunately, we had ALL DAY Saturday to be on the lake.

After spending $100+ at Walmart, we were ready.  No, we did not have to spend that much on necessities for the canoe, but of course I needed hair conditioner, Eli “needed” a Lego set (“I’ll pay you back!”  Sure), and Caleb “needed” a new fishing lure (which he lost as soon as he got out on the lake to fish…another blog…).   As you can surely relate, this is one of the many reasons we avoid Walmart as much as possible.

Finally SATURDAY!  It’s time to go to the lake!  Snacks – check.  Cooler – check.  Lounge chairs – check.  Fishing rods/bait – check!  LET’S HIT THE WATER!!!

We excitedly pulled into the Lake Cammack boat area and, as much as I love our new canoe, it was kind of like taking a weiner to a filet mignon cookout.  As we pulled past the drop-off area, we found ourselves all looking at the motor boats, silently wishing we were putting one of THOSE in the water.

A tiny voice inside screams “SNAP OUT OF IT!”  This is quality time with the family we’re talking about.  We don’t need a sleek ski boat and skis and wake boards and comfy seats and wind in our hair to enjoy this day!

We unhooked the canoe and put it in the water.  Caleb and his friend Marcus would naturally go out first to fish in the canoe while Steve, Eli, & I would fish from the land.

Homemade fishing pole holder and Cheez-its.  Perfect.

 No more than 30 minutes after they left, here come Caleb & Marcus with no fish.  Turns out that as fun as it looks to be in a canoe when the motor boats come flying by stirring up the water, it’s not so great when you’re trying to fish (and when you have 2 captains in one boat…).

So Caleb decided to pier fish.  

Oh my. If everyone were as laid back as Steve and his mini-me, Eli.  Talk about content; they grabbed the canoe and were off.  Steve took the seat in the back of the boat and Eli was in the “bow”.  From the shore I hear Eli announce, “This is your captain speaking.  We are going to be taking a cruise on Lake Cammack so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.  To your right you’ll see an amazing fish feeder…”  And I could hear Eli talking to his imaginary passengers the entire time they were on the lake.  Precious.

I sat back and just smiled watching Eli enjoy the time he was spending with his dad out on the lake, exploring the coves, looking for dead fish floating in the water (Why? Who knows…), rowing every once in awhile and sometimes even throwing a line in the water.   The thought occurred to me that we need to be more content with our “hotdogs” rather than always wanting the filet mignon, huh?

Sweet Eli…he thought they were just fishin’.  😉


About therigginslife

I'm a redeemed, sold-out believer in Jesus Christ, a daughter of the King of kings! My life has been abundantly blessed with an amazing, godly man and three precious sons. If I could sing all day long, I would; but not just any songs move me. I love all sorts of music, but I soar when I'm singing about my Savior. Almost as much as I love to sing, I love to write...so here goes nothin'...

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  1. Your Eli sounds like a joy of a boy to be around! I agree that we need to be content with what God has blessed us with. When I see folks who “have it all,” I am reminded of the time I spent living with a family while I was in business school MANY decades ago. These folks lived in a beautiful home, had two cars (when that was very rare), and even had color TV (in the mid-60s) in TWO rooms!! I was staying with them because they were paying me a small allowance ($6.00 weekly) in addition to room and board, and it was easy to ride downtown with the man of the house for school each day. In return, I was a live-in baby sitter for their three boys and helped with the housework during the week, between visits from “the maid.” They belonged to the two most prestigious country clubs in town, and had an impressive family history with the university (patriarch was president for 20 years during the most important time of growth the college had seen, and there is a main building that is named for him). While living with them, I had many eye-opening experiences, including one Saturday night when the woman of the house came home at 9:30, angry because her husband would not stop drinking so the rest of the group could eat. He stormed into the house a couple of hours later, so drunk (I don’t know how he managed to get home) that he couldn’t even find the difference between the walk-in closet and the bathroom. Well, I had the opportunity to observe many of their friends, and decided that their lives were not to be envied at all! I’m SO thankful that God showed me these things at the age of 21, before I had the time to make that much mess of my own life. Enjoy ;your men and your canoe! These are the good days! 🙂

  2. Good one Robin! I think it’s great for families just to enjoy time together and be all laid back and relaxing! All families need to do that more often. Thanks so much for the blog1

  3. That is precious and I can just hear Eli giving all the details to his passenger/passengers if there happens to be more than one. Love you dearly. God has truly given you a gift for writing.

  4. Quality time with your family is very important. One day you will look back and relive all these
    precious moments. I love to read your blogs. God has blessed you with a great talent to write.
    Marlene Swanger

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