Na na na na na….


For those of you who know me well, you’ll not be surprised at my confession that I’m not really an animal person.  I don’t hate animals, I just don’t personally feel drawn to them.  I probably tend to see the negative too often when it comes to pets- in our case, dogs.  I hone in on the fact that they tear up things that do not belong to them, they poop where we walk, they smell, they shed, they like to put their wet noses on my leg (eww), they bark constantlyyyy at nothingggg, etc.  And, I don’t understand people letting dogs lick them in the face. It just seems gross to me.  I think the only way I would let a dog lick my face is if it was a sure way to lose 20 lbs. and then I’d have to give it serious thought.

Please don’t hate me or think I’m a terrible person.  I TRY to like dogs for my family’s sake.  Thus, we have two dogs, Macy and Rocco.  Macy was left at a local park as a new puppy and she was saved by a zealous Elon student who quickly realized she couldn’t handle taking care of a puppy with everything else she had going on.  At the time, our boys desperately wanted a dog and I thought this could make me a hero.  They were shocked that I, of all people, would bring home a puppy!  But I did because even I admit that puppies are cute and somewhat irresistible.


But they grow quickly and even though they look like a full blown dog, they’re still puppies.  And puppies destroy EVERYTHING.  We made it through our puppy years with Macy and I was content that our family had a dog.  Done.

Not done.

Steve had a white German Shepherd when we met; who, by the way, liked to introduce himself by sticking his nose in your crotch…I think I had on a black skirt when I met him. White German Shepherd + black skirt = grrrr…..not the best first impression.  When we got married, Steve decided that “Duncan” should stay with his parents where he was used to living.  I COMPLETELY understood and agreed.  Fast forward 16 years and Steve is pining for a German Shepherd again.  Great.  He searched and searched and as luck (?) would have it…



Here we go again…but because I SO love my husband, I was willing to go with it because this dog made him so happy.  It didn’t take long for this sweet little guy to grow to this:


Rocco definitely has this “alpha male” syndrome.  Poor Macy…she had such a good life before Alpha-man came along.  Now her days are filled with this beast CONSTANTLY nipping at her, trying to outrun her, eating her food then his; and one of his favorite activities is basically putting her entire head in his mouth.  So irritating…

As you can see, Rocco is quite intimidating looking, but he really is a gentle puppy.  However, for our own good and for the good of everyone in our neighborhood, we have installed an Invisible Fence.  Rocco is known by all of the neighborhood “walkers” and “runners”.  He charges as hard and as fast as he can at them and stops just short of the edge of the yard because he’s been zapped before…and he doesn’t like it.  Those who are used to Rocco or know that we have an invisible fence keep walking by our house with no worries.  But for those who experience Rocco for the first time could be scared to death!  He likes to bark and run back and forth just at that line.  I love that line…

As I was watching Rocco charge the line as I walked by this morning, I realized that Rocco is like the devil.  I’m not calling him the devil…stick with me.  The devil – as in Satan – loves to charge at me and bark and try to intimidate me.  He works to trip me up and make me question my safety in the Lord.  But I love that line…the one he cannot cross!  The line drawn with the blood of Christ that has washed me and claimed me and protects me from Satan being able to hurt or destroy me.  When he charges me, because of the work of the cross, I can keep walking in the confidence of Christ!  He has drawn the line that Satan cannot cross!  HALLELUJAH!  Take that Rocco – I mean, devil!

Please don’t think that I believe dogs are devils (most days)…I’m trying to go from enduring them to liking them, but it’s a very slow process. 🙂


Here’s a picture of Tick Tac – now named “Rocky”…


Boy has he grown!  As you know, he’s living in Virginia Beach with my older brother, Rob and his family.  The vets are happy with his progress and feel that he is most likely a full blooded black Lab.  He has large, webbed feet, his coat basically is “waterproof”, and he is growing by leaps and bounds!  Whew…do I ever thank God for Rob! Lol! 



About therigginslife

I'm a redeemed, sold-out believer in Jesus Christ, a daughter of the King of kings! My life has been abundantly blessed with an amazing, godly man and three precious sons. If I could sing all day long, I would; but not just any songs move me. I love all sorts of music, but I soar when I'm singing about my Savior. Almost as much as I love to sing, I love to here goes nothin'...

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  1. I am SO with you on the subject of dogs! When I was growing up, we always had a yard full of dogs that people had put out on the nearby highway, and they would find their way to our house, where Mother would feed them, so they naturally stayed there! Only a few were actually “our” dogs, and three of those were strays that followed us home from one place or another. I truly prefer cats, but many folks do not agree with that, so at this time we are in an apartment where pets are not permitted, and I am fine with that.

    I like your comparison to the way Satan tries to enter our lives. That invisible line drawn by the blood of Jesus is our very best protection from his attacks, and I’m SO thankful that God has given us that protection! Thank you for this reminder today!

  2. This is a great blog. I can associate with your feelings about animals. I like animals but I do not want them in my house! Outdoors is just fine!

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