Beware of the Fry-burglar!


It was a very busy, yet very blessed weekend for the Riggins!  We spent most of the day Saturday at a lacrosse tournament with Caleb who is playing in a summer league called the Wardogs.   This group was originally made up of high school players from Williams High (Bulldogs) and Western Alamance (Warriors), thus the “Wardogs”.   I had no idea heading to this tourney what a big deal it would be.  There were players from Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, and Florida just to name some of the license plates we saw.  Once I saw the list of college coaches there for recruiting purposes, I understood why they drove so far (Duke was just one of the universities represented).  Caleb was anxious to get there and get it over with so he could fish…

Wouldn’t you know that the lacrosse retailers would see this is a wonderful opportunity to set up tents with irresistible lacrosse merchandise?  Let me tell you, if there’s something for sale, my children feel like they must leave with a bag in their hand (they sort of got that honestly).

About $100 later, we left with 3 pair of lacrosse shorts, 2 t-shirts and a new butt (it’s what goes on the end of a lacrosse stick. :)).  We captured a photo of Caleb’s new butt:

Caleb’s butt…Lol

Like the Wardogs, there were some interesting names of teams as well as uniforms.  One particular team especially caught Eli’s eye.  They were called the “Lexington Lego-men”.  Eli, being the LEGOMANIAC, freaked out over their uniforms!  We were all four walking together when Eli spotted some Lexington Lego-men and he wanted a picture of their uniforms so badly.  Caleb wigged out…”You are NOT going to ask those guys for a picture!  That’s crazy!”  And off he ran to get away from us before we embarrassed him to death.

Not to be deterred, Eli and I went right up to the Lego-men and asked if we could get pictures of their uniforms.  What’s they worst they could do?  Say no?  Instead, they were proud to let us take pictures of their cool get-ups:


They couldn’t let Eli know how to get this outfit, but that might be best; I feel like he would want to wear it every day and I’m not sure how well that would work for him when he returns to middle school…

Once we were home, we were thrilled to be in for the night and ready to light the grill.  Because our garden is yielding big time, we eat squash and zucchini in some form at every meal, so Saturday night I plugged in the Fry Daddy and fried ’em up.  Mmmmmm….so good!  I finished frying the squash and zucchini and we were fixing our burgers when Steve decided that, since the oil was hot, we should throw some french fries in and fry those up as well.

Okayyyy….ladies, back me up here…”Babe, I’ve got supper READY, we’re sitting down to eat NOW, and you want to fry french fries?”  That’s not part of the meal plan for the evening.

Didn’t matter…he was frying french fries.  And I must say, the three I ate were good.  And my boys LOVE some fries.

By the time the fries were ready, we had scarfed our dinner down and we weren’t really very hungry for fries.  Caleb says, “I’m going to go fish, but  SAVE ME SOME FRIES.  I’ll eat them when I get back.”

No problem…we’re full anyway.  “Hey Eli, save Caleb some fries.”

I was laid back in the recliner resting from being in the sun all day and here’s what I hear…

Footsteps into the kitchen….quiet for a moment….footsteps back into the living roomfootsteps into the kitchen…quiet for a moment…footsteps back into the living room…

This happened over and over periodically for about two hours.   I didn’t think anything about it until about 9:30pm when Caleb comes down from his shower, enters the kitchen and yells, “HEY!  WHO ATE ALL THE FRIES??”

We’re not talking about a small order of fries; we’re talking about a serving bowl that was full of fries…and now, there were literally two left.  Steve totally thought Caleb was kidding until he saw the bowl.  “Eli!  Did you eat all of the fries??  I told you to save Caleb some fries!!”

There was a myriad of “I didn’t eat them!  It wasn’t me!  I don’t know who ate all of them!  I just ate a few!”   But, Steve & I were the only ones in the house besides Eli and we didn’t eat them…Sorry, buddy…you’ve been BUSTED.   But at least Eli wasn’t caught lying….there were two fries left in the bowl. 🙂

So hide your fries…and beware of the fry-burglar…

(Don’t be mad or embarrassed, Eli.  We all thought it was funny after we satisfied Caleb with Maw Maw’s pound cake.)


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I'm a redeemed, sold-out believer in Jesus Christ, a daughter of the King of kings! My life has been abundantly blessed with an amazing, godly man and three precious sons. If I could sing all day long, I would; but not just any songs move me. I love all sorts of music, but I soar when I'm singing about my Savior. Almost as much as I love to sing, I love to here goes nothin'...

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  1. That is really something, footsteps back and forth in the kitchen, I probably would have gone to see just so there was not a mess, you know me. Mom

  2. Weeeelllllll……fries ARE a lot like chips–you can’t eat just one! Bless Eli’s heart! As for Caleb, I’m sure that wonderful pound cake was a good substitute, especially if you put some ice cream, strawberries, and chocolate syrup on it… 🙂 Oh, I’m like you, Robin….those messes always stay there for us till the next day. Personally, I would have been going after the leftover fried zucchini and squash, if there were any leftovers to grab!

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