Home again, home again…


I am attempting to write this blog from my phone as we travel home. Quite the feat for me, I must say. Please forgive any crazy auto correct words….

I have a lot to write about in the days to come when I can use a regular keyboard, but I have to say what an amazing vacation it has been. It was great watching Caleb and Eli experience the Disney magic for the first time.

We are on the road now. We left at 6:45am to get home…9 hour drive. Eli woke up a while ago and said he needed to pee BAD so we stopped to take a much needed potty break and top off the gas tank.

Both boys see “FIREWORKS” and go crazy wanting to take home illegal fireworks (the good kind). These guys are so easily distracted! We have 8 more hours to drive! Let’s go!!

We finally rally them back to the car and Steve says, “Caleb did you use the bathroom? No peeing bottles this trip.” Shoot. Ugh….we park again so Caleb can go to the bathroom. Eli’s door opens, too. “Eli where are you going?? You didn’t pee?? I thought you had to go bad!”

Eli – “I forgot.”

Oh the Riggins’ life….we might make it home before dark….


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  1. I always enjoy your stories! Those boys make sure that you don’t ever have any dull moments, and it reminds me of when our two children were teenagers. Some day, unless Jesus returns first, you’ll have some quiet time and wonder what happened, so enjoy these times now, and be thankful you’re young enough to keep up with them! This one today does remind me of the time last summer when we took a trip to Kansas City, MO, to see our son walk with his class after completing his degree through Grantham online. We met our dau/SIL in Nashville and drove together to KC. Good idea, right? I’ll say that it was at least educational! My own philosophy is that, whenever the car stops, we should ALL get out and go to the bathroom, even if we don’t feel like we NEED to go right then. Well, I am proud to say that there were NO stops for ME, because I went when everybody else did, and that seemed to be about every hour or so!!! That 10-hour trip took us more than 12 hours, and I was never so happy to see a hotel in my life! Enjoy the rest of your trip home, and we’ll look forward to seeing more about it once you get settled! 🙂

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