A magical vacation…


We have recently returned from one of the best vacations we’ve ever had.  Our family (sadly, minus Wes & Kendal) went to DISNEY WORLD!  With Caleb being 15 1/2 and Eli just turning 12, it was time they experienced the kingdom of Mickey and friends.  It turns out that they were the perfect ages to go and enjoy the many parks available to us and believe me, we took full advantage of them.

We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside which is a Disney resort.  It had all of the charm of old New Orleans with all of the up to date amenities.  We decided that my mom would love this place because all of the ladies dressed like Laura Ingles and if you know my mom, you know she wishes with all of her heart that she had lived in a little house on the prairie…

Port Orleans Riverside

When making our Disney plans, we decided that, since we have boys with big appetites and the food at Disney costs a FORTUNE, we would purchase a meal plan for us to use.  This included 2 meals and one snack per person per day.  We would skip breakfast in the restaurants and enjoy lunch and dinner with our plan.  And oh, what a plan it was!  It included your entree, drink, AND a dessert at EVERY MEAL!  And when I say dessert, I’m talking carrot cake, red velvet cake, apple turnovers with ice cream, homemade cookies, double chocolate brownies, etc.   This alone made our boys happy, happy, happy.  And we could use this meal plan at all of the Disney parks and any Disney resort.  We were GOLDEN. 

Or so we thought…

It didn’t take us much longer than the 2nd day to realize that, even with the miles we were walking at each park, we were stepping away from the table – or shall I say “rolling away from the table” – as full as ticks.  It was actually pretty comical to watch us force food into our mouths and then see us look at our desserts as if we were being punished by having to eat them, too.  No, techinically we didn’t HAVE to eat the dessert, but we had paid for it and, well, we felt somewhat obligated.  And seriously, when have we ever not wanted dessert??  As kids, Steve & I rarely even got to eat out, much less order dessert and our boys know that they are not going to get dessert when we eat out  either (I mean, we do live next to my mother the baker…they can walk over for better sweets than anything they can order out).

As good as the food was, it wasn’t “home” cooking.  I guess our systems weren’t accustomed to such rich foods at every meal.  By Thursday night, Steve said, “I am NOT eating resort food tonight.  Get in the car everyone.”  He plugged information into his GPS and we were off.  He was driving with a purpose.  About 15 minutes after we left the resort, we saw it, shining like a beacon in the night…

Steve’s idea of a Magic Kingdom…


I don’t want anyone to think we had any bad experiences at Disney, because we certainly did not!  It was an amazing experience and, as one who works with the public, I was especially impressed with the wonderful customer service everywhere we went.   At our resort, we enjoyed the advantage of water taxis into downtown Disney, shuttles to every Disney park, and even the opportunity to take a horse drawn carriage (not free…) to a neighboring resort.  Our boys were particulary curious about the horses pulling the carriages because of a certain “package” they carried behind them…as in, right behind them…as in ON their behind.  To protect against “droppings” as they traveled from place to place, these horses  had leather “bags” strapped to their backends in order to catch said droppings. 

One evening we were strolling along the sidewalk and moved to let a carriage pass by.  Steve makes the comment, “I’m not sure I’d want to have one of those bags strapped to my behind”, to which Caleb rebuts, “I hope you never want to walk around naked pooping everywhere.”  I don’t know; maybe we were just tired, but it struck us all so funny that we had to stop walking just to laugh. 

You know, as magical as the Disney experience was for us, I have to say that we enjoyed the magic we made on our own far more.

Stay tuned…more to come!


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  1. Sounds truly magical, and I have to agree with Caleb about his dad’s “habits!” This is another place (there are many) where we’ve never been…at least, my husband and I have not been to Disney. Our children were taken by their grandparents a couple of times, and our son has taken his family of three boys there as well. Maybe someday it will be our turn. I don’t know, though….even though we live practically in Dollywood’s back door, we’ve never been there, either! Now, the eating thing sounds like our kind of vacation! Looking forward to your next installment! 🙂

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