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Clean out the lint trap!


I absolutely LOVE doing laundry, said no mother of boys ever.  No matter how diligent I am at keeping up the laundry, it’s still there.  I can finish 3 loads of laundry (which usually takes a day, maybe two to pile up); washed, dried, folded, and put away, then return to the laundry room only to find some dirty something laying in the floor, in front of the dirty clothes basket.  Yes I said in front of the dirty clothes basket.  And no, my boys apparently cannot hit a 1′ x 2′ opening.  It’s easier to think that than to believe they’re just too lazy to walk one more step and drop it in the basket.

And I won’t even mention some of the things I find in the laundry.  Seldom is it a stray $5 bill.  I want to put a sign in each bathroom in my house, “IF IT’S STILL THERE, KEEP WIPING.”  Maybe that’s more info than I should offer, but I feel safe that all doers of laundry in a house with children can relate.

Ughhhh, the process of laundry goes on and on and on.  I would call it job security, but who in the world is going to fire me?

Today, I am home with Caleb, our middle son, who had some minor oral surgery.  He’s doing fine and currently loving the pain medicine that has him sleeping like a baby.

While he rests, I decide to start in on the laundry.  Already there are two loads of clean clothes to put away (the boys just couldn’t find the time…sure, right, whatever), one load to fold and three loads to wash.  Once I finished folding the clothes in the dryer and began to replace them with freshly washed clothes, I remembered that I’d better clean out the lint trap.

Now, when we purchased our dryer, the manufacturer’s label warned to clean out the lint trap after each washing.  We did so…for awhile.  Then, it became easier to wait after a couple of loads to clean it out.  I understand the importance of cleaning out the lint trap, but it’s just kind of gross what it catches.

It’s funny what the Lord uses to teach me (at least today it’s not one of our dogs).  As I wiped out the lint trap, the Holy Spirit began to teach me that my mind is like a lint trap.  It catches everything that I see or watch, hear or listen to, and say or even think about saying.  At the end of the day, I could be pretty grossed out if the Lord allowed me to see just what my mental “lint trap” caught.  THUS the importance of keeping it cleaned out EVERY DAY.

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:2

We live in the world, we are surrounded by the world; yet we are not to be of the world.

“Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” 1 John 2:15

That’s pretty clear teaching.  But I submit to you that, without a daily cleansing from the Lord of our minds and hearts through prayer and feeding on His word, it’s virtually impossible not to be effected by the trappings of this world.  We are in the world, we are surrounded by the world, yet we are to be DIFFERENT from the world.  Peculiar, even.  The truth is, we cannot achieve this on our own.  But grace says we don’t have to.

“The one who keeps God’s commands lives in him, and he in them. And this is how we know that he lives in us: We know it by the Spirit he gave us.” 1 John 3:24

Upon salvation, God fills us with His precious Holy Spirit and SEALS US.  The Holy Spirit will never leave us.  But know this; He will never force His way upon us, either.  The Father desires that we come to Him, that we seek Him, that we want a relationship with Him.  We are not to simply be selfish recipients of grace; that’s such an empty and wasted life.  Christ knows that when we take the time to be still before Him and listen, His words will change our lives.  His direction will lead us perfectly.  His perfect will for us will become all that we desire.

Father, please, please clean out my mental lint trap – moment by moment if necessary.  I want to be filled with YOU and I want nothing hindering the flow of Your sweet Spirit within me.

Clean out your lint trap every, single day…


I’m not cut out for the single life….


I’d like to think that I never take my husband for granted.  Steve is one of the most caring, giving, unselfish, sacrificial people I know and I’m blessed and thankful to God every day that he’s mine (not to mention he is SO FINE).  On occasion, Steve’s work takes him out of town overnight and, when that happens, I really feel the impact of how much he contributes every day…and I miss him.  A lot.  Last night was one of those out of town nights.  Ugh…

Because I work full-time during the day and part-time with our church, it’s necessary for some of my evenings to be spent working at the church.  Last night was to be one of those nights and I was scheduled to be at church by 6:30pm.  With Steve out of town, I needed to make a plan to get the boys all set before I headed out.  1) Feed Eli (and myself), 2) wait for Caleb to call from football practice to be picked up (usually 6ish), 3)  feed Caleb, 4) get both boys settled so that I’m comfortable leaving them alone for a couple of hours.  Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

6:15 – no call yet from Caleb.  I knew I was going to most likely be late for my 6:30 meeting, but then, like an angel, my Mother offers to save the day for me.  She would pick up Caleb and get him dinner so I could head on out.  Score.

I got one block from our church when my phone rang.  It was Caleb.  I started right in, “Hey buddy, Are you done? I’ll call Mamaw because she’s going to pick you up for me and get you something for dinner.  I have a meeting at church…”

Caleb – “No.  Coach needs you to come get me.  He needs to talk to you.”

Me – “Why?  What have you done?”

Caleb – “Nothing!  But he needs to talk to you because he thinks I might have a concussion.”

Seriously?  With a head like Caleb’s??  No way.

I make the call to the church that I’m going to be late and head to the high school.  After talking to the team trainer, he was 80% certain that Caleb did NOT have a concussion (thank You, Lord), but rather a migraine, which Caleb tends to have frequently.  To be on the safe side though, Caleb needed to be watched and given only Tylenol (Oh wonderful. Wouldn’t you know that all I had was Ibuprofen?).  The other instructions – watch him closely in case he falls asleep “out of the ordinary”.  And what is that exactly?  I mean, he is 15 years old, just finished a 2 hour football practice, he hasn’t slept until noon for the past two days like he has all summer, and he has a migraine.  Should I consider sleep out of the ordinary?

Off we go; first to McDonald’s for dinner, then to CVS for Tylenol, then home.  I got Caleb settled, gave him his medicine, and gave instructions to Nurse Eli: watch him in case he does something “weird” (??), give him a cold rag for his head, and call me or Mamaw if they needed anything.

Finally, I got to the church by 7pm and got to work.  MAYBE 30 minutes after I arrived, my cell rings and the number reflects “Home”.  I quickly answer, “Hello?  Eli?  Is everything okay?”

Eli, in his ever so sweet voice says, “Um, Mom, um, yeah, well, everything is okay with Caleb.  He’s asleep (great).  But, I was jumping on the trampoline and, well, I got really hot and all of a sudden really tired and my stomach started hurting, and…”

Me – “Eli, do you feel like walking over to Mamaw’s to have her check on you?”

Eli – “Uh, yeah, I guess so.  See, she brought me a chocolate milkshake and, well,….”

Me – “Okay.  Buddy, did you drink all of the milkshake and then get back on the trampoline?”

Eli – “Uh-huh.”

Smiling, shaking my head, rolling my eyes, loving that boy more with every word.

Me – “Okay buddy.  Just head on over to Mamaw’s….”  Thank God for Mamaw.

I do love that I’m still so needed by our boys.  But Steve, I’ma need for you to get on home…now.

*                                                              *                                                                       *                                                                       *

I don’t know how many of you follow me on Facebook, but I posted kind of a funny comment last week regarding Fiber One bars.  Here’s what prompted the post.  Earlier that day, I kept seeing on my home page posts from high school kids that all started with”Truth is….”.  I thought I’d join the bandwagon so here was my post:

“I’m amused at all the “Truth is…” statuses and thought I’d join in. Truth is….Fiber One bars give you gas. Especially when you eat two in one day. #pfffft”

I got a lot of funny comments regarding this “truth”.  And believe me, it IS the truth.  Obviously, I’m not the only one who has experienced the wrath of too many Fiber One bars in a day.

The Friday after I posted that comment, I was walking through the house and saw Caleb, reclined in his dad’s chair, with a pile of wrappers by his chair.  Oh my Steve!!  They were Fiber One wrappers!  I grabbed a wrapper and said, “Caleb!  How many of these did you eat??”

Caleb – “Five.  Those are good brownies.”

HOLY COW!  He was a ticking time bomb!

With it being Friday night, we had planned to attend the first Western High School Varsity football game – Go Warriors! – and I was scheduled to work concessions.  Wanting to keep “an eye” on my 15 year old, I called his cell phone to see where he was.  When he answered, he sounded like he was in a tunnel.  “Hey buddy, where are you?”

Caleb – “I’m in the bathroom.  Mom, my stomach is killing me.”  I wonder why?  I’m sorry, but I had to laugh.

Let’s just say that on the ride home, we all looked like dogs with our heads hung out the window.

Here’s some free advice: NEVER eat more than one Fiber One bar in a day and know this; five Fiber One bars can be lethal.  Shoooo-wee!

We should re-think middle school….


Does anyone remember how awkward middle school was?  Boy I do.  Shoot, I was awkward from second grade until graduation.

In elementary school, I looked like Miss Beasley (when I wanted to look like Buffy – thanks for the picture to remind me, Kristi Parker); I had the curly hair, black rimmed classes, chubby cheeks.  Yep…all the older ladies at church said they loved me but told me I looked like Miss Beasley.  Newsflash…that wasn’t really a compliment.

What 6 year old wants to look like an old woman?

As I got older, I just got more awkward.  I still had unruly hair and dark rimmed glasses…and chubby cheeks.

If you’re of the age to remember President Jimmy Carter, you’ll probably remember his daughter Amy.  I’m going to risk being judged for the following comment, but it was kind of a joke in those days among the young folks that Amy Carter was “homely” (i.e. ugly).   One Sunday at church, I was walking to Sunday school and a gentleman I’d known basically all of my life stopped and said, “You know who you remind me of?  Amy Carter!  You look just like her!”  Talk about a gut punch.  I never wanted to kick an old man in the shin so bad in all my life.  As funny as that seems to me today, at the time, I wanted to throw-up.  That statement hurt.

This is Amy Carter…the picture speaks for itself…

I got through middle school and high school and, even though I was not on anyone’s radar (which was good, I guess; I certainly wasn’t popular, but at least I didn’t get beat up) I came through relatively unscathed.  However, there were many days that I’m sure I would have benefited from being home schooled.

The reason that all of this is on my mind is because school starts on Monday for our boys; Caleb is in high school and Eli is middle school.  Caleb will be a sophomore and Eli, my baby,  starts 7th grade.  Unbelievable.  I took Eli to the middle school yesterday afternoon to see who his homeroom teacher is and to find out whose “team” he is on (a team = 4 teachers who each teach a different subject and their students rotate from teacher to teacher throughout the day).  We located Eli’s classroom and met his math teacher, Ms. Miller.  I was taking time to get to know her (because unfortunately it seems that Eli got his math skills from his mother…) while Eli stood silently by, occasionally giving me the “let’s go” nudge.

While I spoke to Ms. Miller, in walks a little guy who, I suppose, will be on Eli’s team.  He didn’t say a word, but his t-shirt said it all.  It simply read, “YOU SUCK.”  Eli looked at me….I looked at Eli….and immediately I knew we were thinking the same thing: “I hate middle school.”

Middle school is a necessary evil and I know that Eli will get through just fine; like I did and his dad did and his two brothers did.  And prayerfully, he’ll not be on anyone’s radar.  I do have to give him props, though.  When push comes to shove, you don’t want to mess with him…

Last year, Eli had a kid in his gym class who made fun of him, even going so far as to “shank” him in the boys locker room (yank down his shorts).  Eli was embarrassed, humiliated, but mostly, Eli was TICKED.  When he told us about what had happened, of course his dad and brother gave him pointers on how to take the kid down, but Eli waved them off and said, “I CAN HANDLE IT.”

The following day in gym class, the bullying kid was standing behind Eli, calling him names, and poking him.  Eli says, “You’d better stop now.”  The kid didn’t stop so Eli simply elbowed him in the stomach so hard that the kid doubled over.  Judge me again if you need to, but I was proud of Eli.  While we don’t teach our boys to fight, we sure do teach them to defend themselves.

Here’s the best part; the next day, ELI goes up to the bullying kid before school started and said, “I want you to know that I forgive you and I just want us to get along.”  The kid said, “Yeah, me too.”  Now that made me double dog proud. 🙂

As much as school may concern me regarding our boys, I know that I absolutely have  a weapon of defense for them.  PRAYER.  And I arm myself every morning.

School starts Monday…let the fun begin…..

Water, water, everywhere!


If there’s one good habit that I have formed, it’s drinking water.  I love to drink water.  I crave water.  Besides my coffee, maybe one Coke Zero a day and the occasional Chai Tea latte, water is all I ever drink!  I’m trying to encourage my boys to drink more water, too.   Not that they would care, but I told them that if they just stopped drinking their sugary drinks and replaced them with water, they would be amazed at how much better they would feel and they would probably even lose weight!  Caleb gave me the usual eye roll, but Eli is trying very hard to drink more water.

So that it’s easier to make water our family’s beverage of choice, we purchased a water cooler from Lowe’s.  Now, we simply replace the big water bottle on top once it’s empty.  This way, at any given time, we have good, cold water to enjoy!

The only “challenge” to having a water cooler is replacing the empty bottle with a full, very heavy water bottle.  Of course,  I’m not the one challenged; I birthed boys for this kind of thing.  So, when the bottle’s empty, I tell the son standing closest to me at the time to replace it.  Works for me….

One particular day, Steve & Eli were standing in the kitchen when I mentioned that the water bottle needed to be replaced.  Eli takes a deep, exaggerated breath through his nose, pushes his shoulders back, and announces that he will replace it for us.   Aww…my baby is growing up….

After a few minutes, Eli comes in the door with the very heavy water bottle somewhat awkwardly positioned on his shoulder.  Steve says, “Here buddy, let me help you with that.”  But Eli will have none of it.  “Dad, I’ve got this.”  One heave up, then one fatal slip, and BAM!  The water bottle hits the floor, bursts open, and suddenly 8 gallons of water is pouring onto the kitchen floor!

You know that moment when everything seems to be going in slow motion and you just stand for a minute trying to access if what is happening is really happening?  I remember looking at Eli, seeing his panicked face, wanting to laugh and cry at the same time nearly frozen until suddenly, Steve’s voice broke the spell;   “GET TOWELS QUICK!!!!!”

I was immediately jarred back to my senses as soon as Steve mentioned cleaning up 8 gallons of water with my towels, horrified at the thought of the unending laundry about to ensue.  I shouted, “NO!  Get the RAINBOW!”  Thank You, Lord, for our Rainbow vacuum cleaner….

We sucked up water and emptied the Rainbow and sucked up water and emptied the Rainbow continuing this process until finally the water was gone.  We checked to be sure no water was standing behind the fridge or seeping into the walls or hiding in any place that could cause future damage until Steve was finally satisfied.  *Whew*

Eli remained in the kitchen during the entire cleaning process. I could tell he felt badly and wanted to help but thought it best to just stay out of the way.  Once Eli realized that he was in the clear and and permanent  damage had been averted, he spoke up.  “Well, the kitchen floor sure is clean.”

Thanks Eli…why don’t you go have you a glass of Coke or something….OUTSIDE.

It was true; my kitchen floor did need a good cleaning.  And there’s nothing like spilling 8 gallons of water to motivate me to clean it!

There’s some spiritual truth here that I think bears sharing.  While growing as a Christian, here have been areas in my life that I knew I needed to surrender to the Lord, but my flesh stood in the way.  My hesitation came from wanting to please myself rather than wanting to completely please my heavenly Father.  Rather than getting on my knees to surrender what I knew God was calling me to, I found it easier to neglect that area of need by trying to focus on other things.

But you know, there’s nothing like a spiritual storm or “flood”, if you will, to motivate you to hit your knees.   And as much as we hate these hard times in our lives and long to be past them, it’s on the other side that we can look back and see how the Lord used them to “clean us up”.   Just like it shouldn’t take an 8 gallon spill to make me clean my floor, it shouldn’t take a storm to draw us to our knees.  But what a merciful and loving God we serve!  He will allow storms in our lives, all the while beckoning us to look to Him.  We can choose to try to figure it out on our own (clean up with towels = new problems to have to clean up) or seek the Father to lead us and help us through (the Rainbow :)).

Jesus is always faithful to help us clean up the messes in our lives, even if we’re the ones who caused them.

Salt in the wound


I have truly been blown away recently at the uproar over Chick-fil-a; all because of the Christian beliefs of the founding Cathy family and their desire to impart godly standards into their company.  I have personally been tagged with the label “hater” because I am in support of Chick-fil-a and the Cathy family.

Today’s blog entry is not an opportunity for me to rant or even to try to defend what I believe.  In fact, I want to be sure that nothing I say will harm my testimony or come across hurtful at all.  As I was on my knees this morning, I was praying for godly wisdom for the day and Holy Spirit direction in all that I say and do.  As I prayed, this verse came to my mind:

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men….

I want to be the salt of the earth, but as Caleb would say, “What does that even mean??” 

I began to think of all of the advantages there are to salt and why the Lord would call us to be the “salt of the earth”.  I know it enhances and compliments the taste of food, but it also serves to heal.  While it does heal, have you ever had salt touch an open wound?  If so, you’ll know that IT BURNS.

The Lord began to remind me this morning that this world is wounded.  Those who have not experienced the redeeming love and salvation of Jesus Christ are broken, wounded, and lost; and they don’t even know it.  When we as Christians speak truth to those who are spiritually lost, we are literally pouring salt on a wound.  This is why we get the reactions that we do from the world when we stand up for the truth according to God’s word; the wound just received a dose of salt and IT BURNS.

While “the truth will set you free” for sure, we must also remember that sometimes “the truth hurts”.  As Christ followers, it should never be our goal to hurt anyone for any reason. Ever.  At all.  Our conversation must be not only seasoned with salt, but also covered in love – the love of our merciful and gracious Savior, Jesus Christ.  The Lord will give us the words of truth to share, or lead us to be silent.

Christians beware.…if you there is any part of your flesh that has not been crucified or totally surrendered to the Lord, you can quickly cross the line of hurt by interjecting personal feelings and opinions.  This can do much damage to the cause of Christ!  When we’re offended by the world, many times the Lord will lead us to be silent and pray.  He leads by example.  Remember, when He was being questioned prior to his crucifixion, He was silent.

He was led as a sheep to the slaughter; And as a lamb before its shearer is silent, So He opened not His mouth. – Acts 8:32

We don’t want our salt to lose it’s saltiness.  That’s what happens when we allow our personal voice to be heard over the Lord’s, when we step outside of what He is leading us to share.  We can damage our testimonies, further leading the lost ones around us down a road of confusion.

Finally, remember that our reward is not in this world.  This world is NOT our home.  If you feel hated by the world, don’t lose heart; the world hated Jesus first.  It only makes sense that the world would hate His followers.

Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.  – Colossians 4:6

Christians, let’s be salt to the lost so that they thirst for the LIVING WATER!



I know I say all the time what a hoot it is to be part of the Riggins’ household.  And at the foundation of it all is my handsome husband, Steve Riggins.  Let’s face it; without him, we would have no “Riggins life”.  He truly is the “behind the scenes” hilarity for most things happening at our house (and beyond).  Today, I want to share a little bit of the joy that living with Steve brings to our family.

Steve has a quirky and fun sense of humor.  It’s not the same as the Allmans’; it’s a weird all it’s own.  One thing to note about Steve –  he LOVES to pester.  If he thinks he’s doing something that’s driving you crazy, it’s like throwing gasoline on fire.  I quite often quote the verse to him from the Bible, “Provoke not thine children to anger…”.  Yeah, he just laughs.  The great thing about Steve is, as much as he dishes out, he can pretty much take anything we hand back to him.  He’s able to laugh at himself no matter where we are or who we’re with which is one of the things I love so much about this man.

Steve has a way of saying things that are sometimes funny, sometimes random, sometimes embarrassing (it’s true, hon), all the time not even knowing it.  Examples:

1 – We run into a young couple married only a few months (the young man went to high school with Wes) and they happened to be with the bride’s dad (who Steve went to high school with).  Steve greets them with the normal pleasantries then starts in on the couple, “You guys still honeymooning?  Hmmm?  Come on….” *wink wink”  The couple shifts and smiles uncomfortably, turning a bit red and Steve just stands there relishing it!  I decided I must step in.  “Steve…stop, okay babe?  Sorry, he can say some really awkward things sometimes…”  We all laugh about it with Steve laughing the hardest.  How do we spell awkward?  S-T-E-V-E.

2 – Recently, one of Steve’s sisters had to have a colonoscopy.  Because of some possible findings, the doctor said to her, “You should call all of your brothers and sisters and tell them to have this procedure done, too.  Tell them not to wait.”  Steve called to report all of this to me and he said, “Can you call the doctor about this?  Maybe we both should have it done.  Is this something we could do together?  You know, like a couple’s massage?”  Wait, WHAT?  I went from concern to “excuse me??” to rolling on the floor laughing in a matter of seconds.  After he realized what he said, he was laughing, too.

These are just a couple of examples from THIS WEEK alone.  I’ve been married to this man for 17 1/2 years.  Oh yes…I do love it.  And it keeps getting better every day.  Here are a couple more funnies….

When we were at Disney World, we commented that we felt like we were in a foreign country because of all of the different languages being spoken around us.  While at Hollywood Studios waiting in line to ride the Rockin’ Roller Coaster (amazing ride), we were surrounded by a large group of girls from Brazil.  Steve looks at Caleb and confidently speaks this phrase of an “unknown tongue”.  It sounded like nothing I’d ever heard before.  Caleb said, “What does that mean?” Steve says, “It means, ‘Hey ladies, I am the man’.  Say it, Caleb.  Go ahead.  They’ll be impressed.”  In his finest redneck accent, Caleb attempts to say it.  *crickets, crickets*  He only received odd stares.  Caleb looks at his dad and said, “Was that SPANISH?” Steve says, “No, it was Rigginish.”  Caleb shakes his head and gives his dad the “I oughta…” look and Steve, Eli, and I fall over the rails laughing.  COME ON, CALEB.  You’ve lived with this man for 15 years…you should know by now...Lol.

Steve’s ways are truly unique, but not only to him.  It seems the older our boys get, the more I see how these “ways” have been passed along to them. Caleb has apparently inherited the pesty side (with a vengeance) and Eli has a combination of both the Riggins’ and the Allman sense humor (scary).  Sometimes what children pick up from their parents can come back to bite us.  And sometimes the hardest thing to do is not laugh at them!

This past Tuesday night, both boys were in a bit of trouble for not being able to get along (shocker).  We had had it with their mouthiness to each other and finally Steve decided it was time to lay the hammer down.  He had both boys sit on the couch right beside each other and, as if that wasn’t punishment enough for them, with one eyebrow cocked, Steve says to them, “Now, hold hands.”  Caleb and Eli vehemently refuse.  Steve says, “Fine.  You’re both grounded.”  Hands instantly become locked.

Steve began his Barney Fife speech (“During our lifetime, we travel many roads...”) about brothers loving each other and how they should cherish each other, protect each other, etc.  He looks at Eli and says, “Eli, look at Caleb and tell him something that’s really special and unique about him.”  Eli rolls his eyes, hesitates, then realizes he’s not getting out of this.  He looks at Caleb and speaks.

Eli – “You can fish.”

Steve – “No, Eli, I mean a trait that is special about Caleb.”

Eli – “You’re really patient while holding a long pole.”  I am biting the insides of my jaws to keep from laughing…

Steve knows this may be the best he’s gonna get. “Well, okay…Caleb you do the same for Eli.”

Caleb – “You’re good at building Legos.  And you’re a good brother.”  Aww...

Steve thinks this is really going somewhere so he continues the exercise encouraging them to tell more attributes they find in each other.  Right in the midst of this breakthrough, Eli looks at his dad and says, “Can we wrap this up?”

It. Was. Over.  We all just fell out laughing.  But hey, at least they weren’t fighting anymore. 🙂

Babe,  you are the one responsible for starting “The Riggins Life”.  And there’s nowhere I’d rather be than with you. I love you.

I saw what you did…


Wow!  It seems so long since I’ve had the chance to sit and write!  Not that I’ve had a lack things to write about, just a lack of time.  I like being busy because it means we’re blessed with many opportunities in our lives, but I do love my down time.  And most times when I get to down time, I really go down…like OUT.   As in SOUND ASLEEP.  It can be kind of embarrassing actually. 

Kendal, Steve, and I were watching this great movie the other night and we were all eagerly waiting to see what happened at the end.  With 10 minutes left to go, I just doze off!  Suddenly, I wake up and  hear Kendal & Steve talking about the ending and I see the credits rolling!  Thank God for TiVo!  I said, “Oh shoot!  I missed the end!  Can I run it back real fast?”  They couldn’t believe I had fallen asleep at such a crucial point in the movie but I couldn’t help it…I must have blinked a second too long and my eyes just stayed shut. 

My family has come to expect my “drop offs”, but it’s really embarrassing when it effects the outside world.  The other night, Caleb came home from hanging out with Paige and her family and he invited them to come in to say hello.  FORTUNATELY, he knows me well and said, “Let me make sure they’re up first.”  NOPE.  This time, Steve and I were both out;  eyes shut, mouths open.  Poor Caleb had to tell them we’d have to talk to them another time.  Sorry buddy…

I want to share a funny story from this past weekendwith the fam.  Saturday night, for once, I actually was not very sleepy and I found an old black and white horror movie from 1965 called “I Saw What You Did”.  It was not really scary at all (especially compared to the movies they come up with nowadays) and was actually more like a comedy/horror.  At  least my family made it that way.  We laughed at the cheesiness of the characters and at the clothes, cars, and customs of 1965.  We made up our own dialogue and provided sound effects where we thought they were needed.  It was really quite fun. 

Wes & Kendal were watching with us and at one point, the young starlet in the movie starts walking through a room where she knows the killer is.  Wes says, “Haha…look how nonchalant she is walking.”   Suddenly, Caleb starts laughing his head off at Wes’s comment like he’s just heard the funniest joke of the night!  We were all waiting to hear what was so funny and when he finally could speak, he said, “Haha!!  Wes said “nonchalant!!” (more uncontrolable laughter), “WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?”   There was a slight silent pause as we all let his comment register and then, as you can magine, we were all killing ourselves laughing at Caleb.  It was a hilariously blonde moment!


Teens making prank calls…chick on the left was the “nonchalant” one

                    Killer, bad guy, over all meanie…

I think we’ll start a “black and white move night” at the Riggins’ house.  No bad language, no inappropriate sex scenes, and a great use of imagination and humor on our parts.


So, today is August 1st, official Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day, and I just want to go on record as saying that I am in complete support of this fine establishment!  Yes, I support Chick-fil-a because I fundamentally believe the same way their president does.  Yes, I support them because I believe that they have THE best customer service of almost any restaurant I’ve ever been to.  And yes, I support them because, bottom line, they consistently provide an AMAZING CHICKEN SANDWICH!

Having said all of the above, I want anyone reading this to know that, while I wholely support Chick-fil-a, I do not hate those who oppose it; it is their right.  While I don’t agree with them, I certainly don’t hate or even dislike them for it.  It’s not my place to judge anyone; that alone is God’s job. 

As a Christian, I am called to stand up for the cause of Christ AND to love everyone.  That in no way means that it is the Christian’s calling  to condone and support everyone’s lifestyles regardless of whether it lines up with the Word of God or not, or in other words, to simply “coexist”; but the actions of a Christian will either draw others to Christ or turn them from Him.  This “drawing others to Christ” aroma that is to permiate the life of a Christian is not something we can produce on our own.  It only comes when we totally surrender ourselves to the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and direct our every step, every word, every deed.  HE has to love through us.  For the Christian, it has to be a DAILY surrendering process…actually for me, some days it’s minute by minute surrendering. 

I want to look, act, and react like Jesus.  I want my life to be a sweet smelling aroma to the Lord; one that draws others to Christ. 

Speaking of sweet smelling aroma, you can look for me at Chick-fil-a today where I’ll be taking in that sweet smelling aroma of a #1 Combo…