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Hey Ma…I got one!


It’s officially rifle season.  It’s been hunting season for awhile for my guys, but they’ve put down their bows and picked up the big guns.  Time to find that 150 point buck they’re after year after year.  My guys look online for pictures of bucks with the largest mounts they’ve ever seen, salivating at the thought of taking him down with one shot, putting their trophy on the wall, and becoming the envy of every hunter they know.

‘Cause I’m sure they’re going to run into a 150 point buck in Alamance County, NC (I think my walls are safe…).

So far, our middle son, Caleb, has been the only one to shoot a buck.  Last year, he took down a 4-pointer and you can bet those antlers are mounted and hanging in his room.  Time to up the anty, though.  Four points is a long way from 150.

This past Saturday was the long awaited opening day for rifle season!  Our oldest son Wes, and his wife Kendal, who now live in Charlotte, NC, came in to join the other Riggins’ men to hit the woods (yes, Kendal went along…with her own gun…).  Their day started at 5:30am.  This alone makes me believe that hunting season must be accompanied by a virus that causes these guys to be able to wake up early because any other time of year I have to resort to threats of bodily harm to get them out of bed.

The smart men that they are, they closed my bedroom door so I never even heard them leave.

Around 10:30-11:00am, the first shift of hunting was over and in they all came from the woods – empty handed.  That was okay though; the day was only half over.  They took time to eat, warm up, and talk about all that they had heard in the woods but didn’t see. I had been cleaning all morning so I was just secretly glad they had left all those things they heard in the woods.

By 2:30pm, they were putting the camo back on and preparing to try it again.  In the midst of dressing, Wesley got a call from a friend inviting him to hunt in an area that is always “full of deer”.  YES!  Just what they had been waiting for!  But there was a catch.  The owners didn’t want anyone shooting any bucks.  What in the world?

Well, think about it.  How can a buck ever grow into 150 points if people keep shooting them?

Caleb begged to go with Wes who finally, after much reluctance, gave in.  But ONLY after he warned Caleb that he was not to shoot any bucks.  Caleb, after much reluctance, agreed….and they were off.

I looked outside around 6:30pm and it was pitch black so I knew they would be rolling in soon.  Fortunately, we don’t live in the prairie days so all I had to do was text to find my hunters.  The following is my “text” conversation with Caleb:

Me: “Seen anything? How long before you head home?”

C:   “Got one.”

Me:  “BUCK??”

C:  “Idk”  (= I don’t know)

What do you mean you don’t know?  Oh dear….I can tell this is going to be interesting….

I got in touch with Kendal who said they were going to help Caleb get the deer out of the woods and head home.  When the truck rolled up, I went outside and sure enough, Caleb had killed a buck.  I asked him what happened and why he had killed a buck after he was told not to.  Caleb explained it like this:  It was getting dark and he saw the deer but he couldn’t tell if it was a buck or not (clearly, it didn’t have 150 points), so since he couldn’t tell, he figured it was a doe so he shot it and then, turns out it was a buck.

The really funny part was Wes’s input to the story.  He said that Caleb texted him right after he shot the deer and their conversation went something like this:

Caleb:  “I got one”

Wes:  “Is it a doe?”

Caleb: “I don’t know. Just don’t make a big deal about it.”

Wes:  “Is it a DOE?”

Caleb: “I think so but don’t make a big deal about it.”

Wes:  “If it’s a doe, I won’t make a big deal about it!”

That boy had shot a buck.  Can you say “trigger happy”?

Thankfully, Wes wasn’t too mad but, as my luck would have it, they decided to get the deer out of the woods pronto and bring it to our house to gut and clean.

<screeching brakes>  Uh…NO WAY!

Sorry guys, but you’re going to need to find some woods, away from this NEIGHBORHOOD, to string up, gut, and clean your prize.  Seriously?   Hey, did they think this was Duck Dynasty???

Good thing Caleb has lots of redneck friends who jump at the chance to gut a deer….gross.

Caleb, Wes, and the buck.  Caleb says it’s a 6-pointer, but Wes argues that fact. Brothers…(jealous Wes? 😉 )