Standing up for what we believe…


As a Christian, I find it especially sad that at Christmas of all times, believers are subjected to so much negative talk and criticism over one of our most sacred “holy-days”.  Suddenly, everyone is offended by every move that Christians make, especially at Christmas.  They hate the manger scene, they want to abolish the word “Christmas”, they don’t want to see Christmas trees (I’m sorry to tell them, but there was no Christmas tree at the manger…?)  Other religions observe their holy days with much respect and entitlement.  But simply because the age old phrase “Merry Christmas” contains the word “Christ”, it’s no longer politically correct to use this term.  As John Stossell says, “GIVE ME A BREAK!”

Well, I say, GET OVER IT.  If it weren’t for Christ, there would simply be no Christmas…for anyone.

You don’t have to believe like I believe, but guess what?  I get to believe what I believe just like everyone else does.  Therefore, I will continue to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Because Christ is the reason for the celebration!

It’s so frustrating to so clearly see how the world – SATAN – is working tirelessly to quiet the truth of Jesus Christ.  Here’s a prime example from my very home.  Caleb and I were talking yesterday about the science class he’s currently in. Right now, they’re learning about evolution.  Caleb was sharing with Eli & me some of the ideas within the theory of evolution as to how this world came about.  The following theory is one that I find particularly mind blowing.  Evolutionists believe that the WHALE “most likely” came from a land animal, such as the WOLF.  They say the WOLF didn’t care to eat other land animals so instead, the WOLF turned to the ocean for his source of food – fish.  Eventually, after so many years of going into the ocean to get fish, the WOLF’S paws evolved into fins and in time, the WOLF further evolved into what we now know as the WHALE.

You have GOT to be kidding me…

First of all, and most obviously, HOW MUCH FISH DID THAT WOLF HAVE TO EAT AND STORE IN HIS BODY TO BECOME THE SIZE OF A WHALE????  Not to mention how ridiculously amazing it is that the fur of the wolf began to morph into blubber (??).

Eli said, “Caleb, where did the blow hole come from then??”  Caleb said, “The teacher said the wolf’s nose began to move back until it ended up on the wolf/whale’s back and became the blow hole.”

I’m sorry, but it takes a heck of a lot more faith to believe a ridiculous load of bull such as this than to believe that a loving, all-powerful God carefully created everything on this earth, with exactly what they need to survive.  We didn’t morph; WE WERE CREATED!

I asked Caleb if he says anything in class during their discussions and, as only Caleb can, he said, “I have to answer the dumb questions if the teacher asks me, but he gave us a worksheet that asked what we think about evolution and I wrote, “I think it’s stupid. I believe God created the heavens and the earth and He’s my Lord and Savior.”


Of course, this isn’t a new thing at all, but where once schools taught both evolution and creation, somehow the public educational system has found it unnecessary to teach creation so it has been dropped from their curriculum.  Well, I say go ahead – I wouldn’t want a non-believer attempting to teach my children the truth anyway.  As a God-fearing, Bible believing Christian, it’s my DUTY to teach my own children the truth.  I’m sure glad my parents did.

When my oldest brother, Rob, was in about the 4th grade, he came home with a book called “From Fins to Hands”.  His assignment was to write a paper from this book.  My father, Rev. Max Allman, saw the book and stopped in his tracks. “Robbie, what is that garbage you’re reading?”

Robbie – “It’s a book from school.  I have to write a paper on it.”

Dad – “You’ll not write a paper on that junk.  We don’t believe that way and you’re NOT going to read it.”

Robbie – “But dad, I’ll get a failing grade.”

Dad – “I don’t care if you do.  You’re not writing that paper.”

So, Robbie went back to school, book in his backpack, paper undone.

Shortly thereafter, my mother received a call from Robbie’s teacher.  She was upset because she had found Robbie reading a comic book while they were discussing their lesson.  She wanted to see my mother after school.  So, my mom goes in to see the teacher and to pick up Robbie, holding me by the hand and Chris on her hip.  The teacher proceeded to explain the situation again.  My mother said, “We’ve told Robbie he is not to read the book “From Fins to Hands” because we do not believe in evolution.  We believe that God created everything and we don’t want evolution taught to our children.”

Teacher – “Well, we teach both evolution and creation, but Mrs. Allman, you can’t expect your children to grow up believing everything you tell them.”

Mom – “That’s their choice, but we won’t be teaching them what we don’t believe and Robbie won’t be reading that book.”

Robbie turned in his paper on the book with the following written on the paper:

“From Fins to Hands”

By: Robbie Allman

That is all.  And Robbie received a B+ on the paper.

I admit that I struggle with whether to go to Caleb’s class to see his teacher and to explain that Caleb will be unable to sit in his class while they teach evolution, but let’s face it; we’re surrounded every day by ungodliness that smacks Christians in the face with no apologies.  We MUST to teach our children how to stand in the midst of it all and still believe the TRUTH.  It’s why we are warned to “…take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”  As much as the world tries to knock us down, WE MUST STAND. And we can’t do it without strengthening ourselves every single day through reading God’s word – the same Word we say we live by and believe – and by spending time in prayer to the One we know can and will deliver us.

Now more than ever, we must walk the talk.  We can’t call ourselves Christians and cower to every blow.  Believe me, the birth pangs are only getting stronger in the world pointing to the day Christ will take His children home.  JESUS IS COMING!  One day, we’ll celebrate for all eternity and nevermore remember the ungodliness around us now.  One day…and I don’t believe it will be very long.

The flip side of that is that there are too many who have rejected Christ and will face eternity separated from Him.  Or worse, those that call themselves believers yet live more for the world than for the Lord, compromising the very Word they say they believe, hiding their light under a bushel, will realize how deceived they’ve been by conforming to this world rather than allowing the God to transform them.

Christians, DON’T HIDE YOUR LIGHTS!  This world grows darker by the day;  but one small light can pierce the darkness!  Hey, you might think your light is small in comparison, but be determined, “This little light of mine, I’M GONNA LET IT SHINE!”



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I'm a redeemed, sold-out believer in Jesus Christ, a daughter of the King of kings! My life has been abundantly blessed with an amazing, godly man and three precious sons. If I could sing all day long, I would; but not just any songs move me. I love all sorts of music, but I soar when I'm singing about my Savior. Almost as much as I love to sing, I love to here goes nothin'...

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  1. You are SO right! We must make sure our children know THE TRUTH and are strong enough to stand against all odds to let others know how they believe. Caleb is a smart young man, and I hope Eli is watching and gaining strength for the battles he will be facing as he gets into those higher grades…..unless we all go in the Rapture first! I am in your mother’s generation, and we can remember when the Bible was read and prayer was held each morning, followed by the pledge to the American flag, and sometimes even the Christian flag, depending on whether there was one in the classroom or not.

    Our grandchildren are homeschooled, so we know that they are being taught the truth of creation. We were blessed to have our children in Christian schools until high school graduation, and they learned enough to be able to sort out the fallacy of their teachings in later years. I definitely think about you younger parents, as the world is determined to remove any mention of Christ from their vocabularies. Just keep doing what you’re doing, Robin! God has promised that His word will not return void, and you are seeing the fruit of your diligence in your boys now!

  2. Well they have changed it I thought we came from monkeys lol. I have a question will you go to his class and do like your dad I ask because I will be facing the same situation and I am not sure how to handle it without losing my religion lol just wondered I respect your opinion

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  3. If Caleb were younger, I’d go to his teacher probably to explain that we do not believe or even want to entertain the ideas of evolution. Since he’s in high school, I’m letting him handle this one on his own because he’s been vocal on his own about how he feels already. Praying for you! Stand up! 🙂

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