Sir Hawk of Mo or Sir Mo of Hawk…whatever.


You gotta love the power of suggestion…..

A couple of weeks ago, our middle son, Caleb, received a text from his youth pastor, Daniel Webster, advising that his youth group would be having their annual Christmas party on Friday, December 14th (tonight).  For fun, everyone was to come wearing their best mustache.  For incentive to be creative, Daniel said he would give a prize for “the best mustache” in the group.  Now, since most of these youth are between the ages of 13 and 18 and at least half of them are girls, we knew this was to be a “made up” mustache.  Caleb immediately began to rack his brain trying to figure out what he could come up with to assure he would win the prize.

You know, I really have to learn that my children need only a small suggestion to run with an idea….

When Caleb read the text to me, I laughed and innocently said, “Hey, I know what you could do – go get your hair all cut off and save the leftover hair to make you a mustache!”

I WAS KIDDING!!  (although I didn’t mind the idea of him having a haircut…)  But Caleb ran with it.  “YEAH!!!  Mom, can you call and get me an appointment?  I need it before Friday the 14th!  And I want to cut my hair into a mohawk!”

Oh my steve…what have I done?

I figured he would forget about it or at least decide he wasn’t ready to do such a thing to his mane.  Especially a MOHAWK.

You see, Caleb had an unfortunate incident involving a mohawk when he was in 7th grade.  I was sure it had scarred him for life. He had asked me to cut his hair into a mohawk and, for whatever reason, I did it.  I guess I was tired of always telling Caleb, “No.”  Two days later, one of the administrators where he went to school (a private Christian school at the time) told Caleb that the mohawk was a distraction and he needed to cut it off.  “But my MOM cut it for me!”  (Thanks Caleb…throw me under the bus why don’t you)  They didn’t care.  It was not allowed and we had to cut it off; which meant that Caleb would return to school with a skinned head. He was NOT a happy camper.

caleb with skinned head

This was after about 4-5 weeks growth…

Sunday night of this week, Caleb reminded me not to forget to make his appointment for his mohawk.  Clearly either he wasn’t scarred or he wanted to prove that nobody cares how distracting your hair is in public school.

I suppose I should have learned with Wes that, with my kids, I can’t say anything that I don’t want to see come to fruition.  Case in point, when Wes was a freshman in college, he was complaining to me that he didn’t know what in the world he should major in because none of the 50+ offered at his school interested him.  He proceeded to say that he just wanted to do something that would allow him to retire at age 40 and make a bunch of money.  Uh, right…don’t we all.

In an effort to be FUNNY, I took him a brochure from the Army showing what a General makes after 20 years of service.  The pay was not too shabby, but I knew Wes would scoff at the idea of being in the military.  If for no other reason, he would never cut that crazy hair he loved so much.

wes's graduation

And this was after he had a haircut for his high school graduation…

Not only did he not scoff and complain about the haircut, but he also began researching the idea of the military and ended up enlisting in the US Marine Reserves.

I WAS KIDDING!!!  Can’t these kids take a joke?????

wes with gun

Apparently not…

Well, yesterday was the day of Caleb’s haircut.

He went from this:

caleb with long hair

To this:

Caleb with mohawk

He wasn’t mad, he actually loved his haircut.  You see, another thing about my kids…seldom can I take a picture without them striking some pose or making a crazy face.  Thanks Steve.

caleb with mohawk2

Side shot…this pic was being sent to Wes so Caleb needed to look fierce, I guess.  Whatever.

At this very moment, there is a baggie in my car full of hair that I must somehow make into a mustache by tonight for Caleb’s party.  Any ideas on how to stick it to his face??  Sally’s here I come.

Lord, I hope he wins the prize.  Pictures will be forthcoming…I promise. 😉  But here’s proof that the kid can rock a mustache:

caleb with mustache

Man I love being part of this family.


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  1. Oh, dear! No suggestions for how to affix said ornamentation to the upper lip, but I DO want to see pictures! I would also love to be a fly on the wall at your lovely home sometimes! 🙂 Fortunately, our son was never terribly hung up on his hair, which is a good thing, because Mother Nature and Father Time, along with the US Air Force, are keeping it quite short….and thin! Hang in there, Mom!! You’ve got another son coming up in the footsteps of his brothers!! Should be fun! 🙂

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