The ‘Stache…


As promised, I want to share with you pictures of Caleb in his “mustache” that we made for his party last week. In my prior blog, I mentioned that his youth group was having a contest for who could wear the best mustache to their Christmas party. Caleb decided he would go to extreme measures and cut his long hair in order to make himself a mustache. Here is his creation…

caleb mustache

I actually took a 1/2 day’s vacation the day of his party in order to get some shopping done and to be sure his mustache was just right. Yes, I am that mother that works hard to get an A+ on all of her children’s projects. This was going to be tough; all I had was a baggie full of hair. I figured that making the ‘stache would be easy enough, but the hard part was figuring out how to stick the thing to his face. Then, like a beacon in the night, I saw “Sally’s Beauty Supply” sign.

I went in and, after explaining what I needed to the sales lady, she said they had just the thing – two-sided tape that they use to hold toupees in place. That was PERFECT. She took me to the aisle where the two-sided tape was and handed me a box with about 70 strips. The cost = $7.99. Hmmm….I really only needed three strips. But there wasn’t a smaller box. I did want this to be an A+ mustache, but I didn’t want to spend $8.00. I’ve already paid for a haircut to get this thing!

Oh, but God is good to me…the sweet sales lady saw my hesitation and said, “Just come up to the front with me. Let me see if I have an opened box there.” She went behind the counter and voila! There was an opened box of 2-sided toupee tape. She handed me 3 strips, FREE OF CHARGE, and sent me on my way with best wishes on the mustache.

Once I got home, I got straight to work. I knew what shape I needed for the mustache because Caleb said he wanted one like Hulk Hogan’s. Well, that should be easy enough…

hulk hogan

I cut my shape for the mustache then got out the glue stick…which was a horrible idea. For anyone out there needing to make a mustache with real hair, be advised; a glue stick doesn’t work. You’ll just muff up your glue stick with hair. Eww…TRASHED.

This was going to take extreme measures. There was only one thing that would get this job done – the hot glue gun. And THAT worked. I put the hot, melted glue on the heavy paper I was using and started pressing hair into it. It worked like a charm! All I had left to do was “trim” it up once the hair was covering the paper and it would be perfect! Or so I thought…

When Caleb got home, I unveiled “the mustache”. He held it up to his face announcing that it was perfect! He loved it! Whew! He changed his clothes and readied himself to be “‘stached”.

We got the 2-sided tape on the back of the mustache and pressed it onto Caleb’s face. Now, while the above picture of Caleb shows that the mustache eventually worked perfectly, we did have some “adjustments” to make. You see, once we got the mustache in place, every time Caleb spoke (or breathed), he got hair all in his mouth. Right…because while the hair that was glued onto the paper wasn’t going anywhere, there were pieces of hair on the top layer that basically were just “hanging on” to the glued hair underneath. And many of them found their way into Caleb’s pie hole. Double Ewww…

Caleb was spitting, pulling hairs out of his mouth, gagging (literally gagging), and all the while I was shouting, “Don’t mess up the mustache!” I really should have videoed this part because, from where I was standing, it was hilariously funny. But Caleb didn’t so much think so.

FINALLY, he got all the loose hair off of his mustache and was ready to head out the door for his party when he stops in his tracks. “Oh my gosh!”

Me – “What is it now?”


Lol! Steve and I couldn’t help but laugh. But hey, all we had was 3 strips of 2-sided tape and I dared him to pull it off before the judging of the contest. Yes, I am hardcore when trying to make an A+ or win a contest.

Caleb made it to the party with his ‘stache intact, but his youth pastor, Daniel, told me the first thing he did when he got there was ask for a straw so he could have something to drink!

caleb mustache2

I love this kid…


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  1. I still say I’d like to be a fly on the wall at your house! I can just imagine the gagging! After all, there’s not much worse than having hair in your mouth, whether it comes from the upper lip or from a bowl of soup at your “formerly” favorite restaurant! The question remains—did he win the prize? I saw some of the other entries on Facebook, and there were some pretty good ones there! I love the way you work to make good grades for your boys, and they learn lessons about perseverance from you! Great job, Mom! 🙂

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