Pedicure for two? Not exactly….



One thing I love about Christmas is receiving gift cards and gift certificates.  Phooey on those who say they’re not personal enough…they never have to be returned for a different size, style, or color and they’re JUST FOR ME! 🙂

This year, I actually got several – two of which were gift certificates for pedicures! YAY!  I love having pedicures and my family knows it. They also know that pedicures are an activity I like to enjoy with my Mom…which is why she also received two pedicure gift certificates. Score!

Not one to let a gift certificate get “cold” in my purse, we decided it was time for a pedicure right away and Mom made an appointment for us to have pedicures together for the Friday after Christmas (or so I thought).  Our appointment was at 1:30pm.  I. Couldn’t. Wait.

I left the house in plenty of time to arrive early for our appointment, so I went through the Cruise-thru to pick up couple of diet Cokes for us to enjoy whilst being pampered (we party hard…).  I then drove up to the salon at exactly 1:25pm, grabbed the Cokes and headed inside.  And what I found inside gave me pause for a moment…

There sat my Mom draped in her heated neck wrap, one foot soaking, one foot being scrubbed, and she was chatting it up with a lady sitting next to her who I think may have been one of my brother’s former school teachers. She was also having a pedicure. Quick assessment: two pedicures were in process at 1:30 with two pedicurists giving the pedicures.  I candidly looked around for my pedicure specialist and didn’t see anyone come out to greet me. Hmmm….

Mom sees me and with her outside voice says (from across the salon), “Robin, I think this chair is where she’s going to have you sit.”  

You remember when you were a kid and the teacher called you out in front of the class and you felt like EVERY SINGLE EYE was on you?  Well, there were at least 8 eyes on me at that moment. Dun, dun, dun….  So I just nodded my “Uh…thanks Ma…” and stepped to the back to select my polish color.

Once the polish was selected, I stepped to the chair my mom had designated for me (just kidding) and sat down. There was no perfectly warmed, soapy water gushing into the tub.  There was still no one rushing out to start my pedicure. There wasn’t even a glance from the ladies working on Mom and her new BFF. Hmmm….

“What pedicure do you want today?” the lady asked my Mom.  “My gift certificate is for the luxury.”   Perfect.  *Sigh*  Must be nice.

As I sat there, I secretly started comparing pedicures – Mom’s and the lady’s beside her.  I’m pretty sure they must have sat down at the same time because they were neck-in-neck (or ankle-in-ankle?) and neither were anywhere close to being ready for polish.  As they chatted, I began to think, “Okay, so I’m going to sit here for the duration of my Mom’s pedicure before they even touch these feet.  Not cool.”  I thought about leaving but didn’t want to cause a scene, so I just sat there hoping the other lady would decide she didn’t actually want her toenails painted at all and would just grab her stuff and leave.  

Nothing doing.

After 25 minutes of watching these fine ladies be pampered, I looked to my mom and said, “Um, I think I’m going to go.  It will be awhile before they can get to me and I can come back another time.”  To which Mom replied, “Well, I’ll wait on you.”  And she would have…because she truly is the sweetest soul in the world. But that wasn’t really the point of MAKING AN APPOINTMENT TO HAVE PEDICURES TOGETHER.

Suddenly, I could feel my father, Max Allman, rising up in me which was my cue to leave. I smiled politely and told the pedicurist I would come back another time.

I’m not gonna lie, I was feeling pretty frustrated as I drove home.  But the more I thought about the entire scene, the funnier it got to me. I started laughing.  Out loud, actually. I mean, stuff like this is what The Riggins’ Life is made of, right?  Why should I be surprised??

We had dinner together with my sweet Mother that evening and I was telling this story to Steve & the boys. Mom turns to me and says, “When you left, the lady asked if you had called to make an appointment.” I looked at my mother and said, “Well, you called to make the appointment.”
Mom – “No, I didn’t. I called your house and asked if 1:30 would be okay…”

Now, indeed, she had called and, via Steve, simply asked if 1:30 was a good time for a pedicure to which I simply replied, “Yes, 1:30 would be perfect”. In MY mind, I thought, “Cool. She’s making an appointment for 1:30.” In reality, she was thinking, “Awesome, Robin will make the appointment for 1:30.” Uh….that’s a new twist to the story. Again, ain’t it great to be a Riggins?

But hey, I still have two gift certificates for pedicures. Mom has one left we can use together (we can conference call to make the next appointment) and Steve is just thrilled that I shaved my legs. 🙂



About therigginslife

I'm a redeemed, sold-out believer in Jesus Christ, a daughter of the King of kings! My life has been abundantly blessed with an amazing, godly man and three precious sons. If I could sing all day long, I would; but not just any songs move me. I love all sorts of music, but I soar when I'm singing about my Savior. Almost as much as I love to sing, I love to here goes nothin'...

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  1. LOVE IT!!! You are still VERY young, Robin, and you are learning never to let your husband have anything to say about phone calls!! Enjoy those pedicures….you have earned each one, alone OR with your mom! 🙂

  2. Sorry about the “miss communication”. I guess the lady thought I had lost my mine when she asked me, “did Robin call for an appointment?”, and it told her yes. I will have to apologize the next time I am in there, around Valentines day and we can both call. Love you, love the blog. Mom

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