The Riggins family used to be a family of five:  Steve & Robin – mom and dad – and our three boys; Wes, Caleb, & Eli.  However, on May 19, 2012, we increased the size of our family to include the newest member; our first “daughter” (in-law), Kendal Stuart Spoon Fogleman!    Here’s a little about us:

Cpl Wesley Fogleman – born 7/15/89, graduate of Western Alamance High School in Elon, NC, student at Elon University and UNC-Charlotte, Corporal in the USMC (Ooh Rah!), responsible for giving us our first daughter-in-law as of 5/19/12, Kendal Fogleman (who is a scratch golfer and will be attending UNC-Charlotte in the fall…not to play golf…).

Caleb Jameson Riggins – born 9/15/96, student at Western Alamance High School, football and lacrosse player, nicknamed “Ike”, i.e. “I Know Everything”. He loves fishing, music and his Mama (sometimes…). Soon to be licensed which makes him responsible for some of my incoming gray hairs. Thanks, man.

Stephen Elijah Young Riggins – born 7/6/00, student at Western Middle School, baseball player, comedic relief for anyone who knows him, easy like a Sunday morning, Lego-maniac.



These boys are all tied for the 3rd greatest gift in my life. The first is the day I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and His gift of salvation. The Lord is my source of strength and He truly keeps me singing on my journey home.

The 2nd greatest gift is my sweet and godly husband, Steve. That man loves me with everything he is and has and does and then some.   And he ain’t bad on the eyes either…

Wow…am I blessed or what?


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