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We all have gaps….


One of my most favorite things to do at the beach is READ.  Because Steve is such a big kid, he has always wanted to be right where the boys are so I get to sit on the beach and read to my heart’s content.  I’ve read nearly every Nicholas Sparks’ book written (thanks to my buddy, Amy Woods) and, if you’re familiar with his writings, you’ll understand why at some point, I’m grabbing the beach towel to wipe tears from my eyes.  It is kind of awkward to be sitting on the beach all by yourself crying…but it’s so worth it.

This past weekend at the beach, I read a book called “The Vow”.  Yes, it’s the true account that the movie of the same name portrays; however, if you’re familiar with Hollywood remakes, you’ll understand that the story reflected on film was somewhat different than the true accounts.  The book from beginning to end gives all glory and honor to Jesus Christ.  Before Kimmer and Krickett Carpenter were even married, they were in love with Jesus and they know that it’s the miracle working power and love of God that brought them through the tragedies their lives faced.  If you haven’t read the book, read it.  And be prepared to cry…a lot.  But don’t worry; there’s a happy ending.

Towards the end of the book, Kimmer (husband and father) stated that in his family, they “all have gaps“; things they’re not so good at.  And by working together and encouraging each other, they can fill those gaps.

This spoke to me.  Do I work to fill the gaps around me?  

Certainly I don’t like it when my gaps are exposed showing weak areas in my life.  But of all people who see and know what my “gaps” are, my family would know.  My family is in the same position.  Individually they have gaps, too, but am I doing all I can to help fill those gaps or am I simply exposing them?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned and am still learning, it’s there’s no understanding teenagers.  Isn’t that weird, because I once was a teenager and I struggled to be understood.  But once I became a parent, I zoned in on what “should be done” sometimes with unreasonable expectations (even if they seem completely reasonable to me).

Here’s a prime example.  Our 15 year old, Caleb, wears braces.  He’s SUPPOSED to be wearing rubber bands to assist in moving his teeth, but does he?  No.  I told him it’s like putting braces on dentures…does no good if you’re not following the doctor’s directions.  Caleb also is supposed to be doing a series of daily exercises and taking meds for an ankle that has been causing him problems.  Does he do this?  No.  Yet, he wants to continue going to his physical therapy appointments.

I just exposed some of Caleb’s gaps.  Gaps that I don’t presently have myself, but at 15 I definitely had my gaps.   As a girl, I was a “pleaser”; I wanted to be sure all homework and projects were done and turned in early if possible.   I wanted to highlight things I did at home so that I would receive praise (namely from my father…my mother praised us all the time :)).  A big gap for me as a 15 year old…I was HOMELY at best with absolutely no sense of fashion.  I felt like the only thing going for me was that I could sing (that was actually pretty accurate).

Having 2 brothers didn’t really fill those gaps, either.  Sorry Rob & Chris, but you two just didn’t tell me enough how pretty I was.  How could you not when taking pictures of me like this one?

Remember “Mud”?  It was supposed to remove ALL blackheads 

leaving your skin glowing, fresh, and clean.  

Not so much…(thanks for this pic, Rob…really…)

Yesterday, after Caleb’s orthodontist appointment, I read on his form “patient is not wearing his rubber bands as directed.  Teeth will not move if rubber bands are not worn”.  I read this part to Caleb and said, “Are you going to wear your rubber bands?”  Caleb – “Yes ma’am.”   Me – “Do I need to remind you?”  Caleb – “Yes ma’am.”

Gap exposed and filled.  Unless he’s removed them since I dropped him off at school, he has his rubber bands on because we now keep a package of them in our car.

Filling gaps is part of my responsibility as a parent.  It’s my responsibility as a Christian, too.  I see gaps all around me.  I can talk about them and expose them, but leaving them that way provides the potential for hurt and dissension.   God really uses us when we’re willing to fill the gaps we see in others.  It’s part of being a family.  And if you’ve been adopted by God’s grace, we’re family.

*                                      *                                     *                                    *                                               *              

Speaking of The Vow…check out my Facebook page for the link to wedding pictures made by our photographer, Will Page.

Enjoy and work to fill those gaps!


Holy hockey, Batman…


Well, I promised you some funny stuff from our beach trip and this will not disappoint; however, I must warn you…if you’re given to having a weak stomach, skip it.  While this is hilarious, I have to admit, I’m doing a lot of “editing” to make it appropriate for my blog.  But hey, it’s part of living the Riggins life.

This past Memorial Day weekend, we pulled our camper to Myrtle Beach Travel Park for some true rest and relaxation.  It was awesome.  This has become one of our favorite places to vacation.  Now, had someone told me 3 years ago that I would love camping, I would have laughed at them.  But understand, we do NOT sleep in tents.  We are not without electricity, queen size beds, television, bathrooms….it’s a camping style I can adopt.

There were good friends, good food, and lots of laughs which all equal a wonderful vacation.

View in front of our camper…ocean at the end of the road          

 View behind our camper – 8 acre lake behind our camper   

We especially enjoy this travel park because it’s extremely clean and family friendly. The bath houses are in abundance and every one of them has been completely renovated.  This is important to know because we do have a very important Riggins rule regarding our camper…NO #2’s allowed in the camper bathroom (except for extreme emergencies).  It’s not that our bathroom can’t accommodate it, it’s just, well…you’d have to live with my guys to understand.  Sorry to need to share this but it does set up the following story.

Here’s your last warning if you feel you can’t read on…

We camped last Thursday night through Memorial Day Monday.  After the previous weekend of wedding celebration, we needed some down time.  Monday morning, we packed up and headed home.  After a nice, easy trip home, it was time to all pitch in and clean up the travel toys.

We got both the camper and the truck washed and it was time for me to move to the inside of the camper to clean.  “Honey, is it okay if I go ahead and clean the bathroom?  There’s some water in the commode…”  Steve – “Yes, but just to be safe, let me open the valve to the black water.”

Quick camping lesson:  Black water is the bad stuff…ewww…and needs to always be emptied well before one leaves the camp site.  VERY WELL.

The next thing I hear is, “Oh my…*gag*…no way…*gag*…Wes!  Get me the hose quick!”  Wes runs with the hose to his dad’s side and I hear a series of *gags* from both of them.  What in the world?  I curiously stick my head out the door to see what’s going on and it (the smell) hit me…*GAAAAAG* (I wish I could accurately make these sound effects.  You know, it’s funny when it’s not happening to you…)

Me – “Um, babe, I thought you emptied the black water at the camp site.”

Steve – “I DID!  But I guess this was lodged in the tube. (*gag*)  Who broke the #2 rule??!!”

I gingerly proceed to tell him that one of our younger sons (est) had an “emergency” and couldn’t make it to the bath house.  To save him embarrassment (yet here I am writing about him in a blog), I didn’t mention it to his dad because I knew Steve would empty the black water, right?

Steve & Wes shoveled and scrubbed and scraped and scrubbed and scraped and scrubbed and scraped…finally clean.

Me – “Well, give me the hose so I can clean where I’ve scrubbed the toilet and so I can rinse it out.”  I proceed to do so thinking maybe I should just let it run down the opening to make sure it truly was completely cleaned out.

Steve – “OH MY GOSH!  Where’s it all coming from??  WES!!…”  Clearly there are rule breakers in the Riggins’ home.

Okay, I told you this would be GROSS before I started and yes, it is; sorry.  But once the air cleared (which took awhile) we laughed our heads off at each other (much later) that evening.  Eli, after accessing all that had happened decided that  there should be an alarm on the toilet in case anyone tries to break the #2 rule.

Everyone just kind of looked at him…Eli – “What?” 🙂

I really have nothing spiritual to add to this as I like to do most days.  But I’m pretty sure we had the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit all laughing with us.  Good times….


(Caleb can’t be too close to us in public…not at 15…too cool.  Thus no photo of the middle)

Again, sorry if this post was too much, but everyone in my family felt like I HAD to share it.  Welcome to my world.

“May there be many moments that make your life so sweet…”


I feel like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve had the chance to blog!  Thankful for a birthday weekend at the beach with my family (which has provided much more fun to write about in the future) and thankful to be back to internet that actually stays continuous. 🙂  I have been overwhelmed by the birthday love – thanks everyone!!

I wanted to finish up what I had started last week regarding Wes & Kendal’s wedding.  I promise this will be the last of the wedding blogs, but I felt like I left things hanging since the last post.

Our first wedding.  What a blessed and beautiful day for us!  Not because of fancy decorations, an exclusive setting, or an elaborate reception, but because we knew the two who were getting married and what this day truly meant to them.  From the moment Wes proposed in October 2011, they have been literally counting down the days until they would be married.

Believe me, over the past 7 months,  much more than preparing for the actual event, they have been preparing themselves for the forever commitment they would make to each other.

I’d like to share Wes’s wedding vows that he wrote to Kendal:


As we stand here before God and this crowd of people, I want to make it known that I recognize God’s authority over my life. He has blessed and entrusted me with one of His greatest creations, you. A few years ago, you were just a dream and a prayer to me, and today my dream comes true; the Lord has answered my prayers. Not only do I vow to be your husband, I will be your best friend as well. I thank Jesus for the honor of going through life together with you. I know that times won’t always be easy and sometimes we will face struggles, but through all of the pressures of the present and the uncertainties of the future, I promise to be faithful to you as long as He gives us life together, regardless of the circumstances. I promise to love you unconditionally, and to guide and protect you as Christ does His church. In the book of John, chapter 15, verse 13 it says “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” Today, I lay down my life for and to you, Kendal; you’re the love of my life and my best friend and I am forever yours.

I have no doubt that God will bless and anoint their lives because they place themselves second only to their Lord and Savior.  I don’t have Kendal’s vows word for word, but they were just as heartfelt and just as precious.  I do have a picture, though, that will make you smile:

She pinned her vows on some of Eli’s Spongebob paper…she wanted to “make Wes smile”.  Does she fit with us or what?

I have no doubt that Wes & Kendal’s union is one that made Heaven rejoice!  They stood before Rev. Paul Waters as they vowed to love and cherish each other forever; but a larger Presence was welcome and blessing them…God Almighty.  It’s why they were so emotional during the prayer…overwhelmed at God’s goodness to them.

What a celebration of one of life’s greatest gifts: true love blessed by the Lord.  Will there be hard times ahead?  Of course.  As Christians we’re walking a narrow road home and we will experience hardships along the way; but God has promised to walk every step with us….He’ll even carry us when we need Him to.  And this promise is good all the way home.  Now there’s a reason to celebrate.

Okay,  so I mentioned that this past weekend I celebrated another birthday (Sunday, 5/27) and it was perfect.  The weather at the beach was so nice with just enough rain for a respite from the sun.  LOTS of reading accomplished!  We camped at Myrtle Beach Travel Park with the lake behind us and the beach in front of us.  On the afternoon of my birthday, I was sitting in the swing that Steve had hung from a huge tree behind the camper, watching as our boys along with other travelers took part in a fishing tourney around the lake.  I glanced behind me and who do I see?  Wes & Kendal!  Their cruise ship docked in VA Beach on Sunday morning and they drove straight from their honeymoon to Myrtle Beach to surprise me. (6 1/2 hours…)!  I had all of my babies with me on my birthday!  It was the best present ever.

I’ve got lots of stories to share this week about the beach trip that are sure to make you laugh.

Oh, the Riggins life.

Update on “Rocky”, a.k.a. Tick-Tac…he’s up to 10 lbs. now and doing great!  Loving VA Beach and his new home!

“May passion be the wind that leads you through your days…”


I’ve been writing this week about the sweet wedding day for Wes & Kendal, but I want to rewind for a bit and talk about the rehearsal and dinner on Friday evening.  It was also full of emotion as our intimate group shared a lot of laughs and love together.

The wedding party and family started at the wedding venue where our wedding director (a.k.a. ROCK STAR) Andrea Loy carried us through the motions of the ceremony, putting everyone in their places, dealing with excitement and nerves and emotions and even standing in as pastor ( since Rev. Paul Waters lives in Wilmington, NC and could only be on hand for the actual ceremony).

Believe me… Andrea had quite the task working with our crew.  First of all, she had bridesmaids doing what appeared to be a pee-pee dance the entire rehearsal.  Why?  Because we realized on Friday that the area all around the stage was infested with red ants…red BITING ants.  There were so many, it looked like the ground was moving!  You can imagine that it was quite the feat to stand still at all, much less concentrate on what was going on with the rehearsal.  But, as we can testify that the Lord always provides exactly what we need, it so happened that one of the bridesmaids, Sarah Davis, is the daughter of Brick Davis…EXTERMINATOR.  By Saturday, the ants were GONE.  Thank the Lord for Brick and his ant spray!  No pee-pee dances during the ceremony!

As if the red ants weren’t enough of a distraction from the rehearsal, Andrea also had these guys to deal with….

I’m not sure how many times I had to “strongly encourage” Caleb not to pick up one more rock, but let’s just say I was ready to body slam him.  This was Caleb & Eli’s first time ever being in a wedding and their lack of “wedding etiquette” was quite apparent.  Thankfully Andrea took the time to teach them both how not to drag ladies down the aisle to their seats, why they shouldn’t be fighting for guests, why the question “are you with the bride or groom” was important to ask guests, etc.  I’m sure she needed some strong meds at the end of that night.

I had to laugh at Eli (as usual) when we were riding to the church before the rehearsal, he asked if he had to walk with anyone.  “Yes, Eli, you’ll escort one of the bridesmaids out at the end of the ceremony.”  Eli – “What??  Why can’t her boyfriend walk her out?  And what if her boyfriend is big?  He might punch me in the face!”  That kid was as serious as a heart attack.  And once Sarah’s boyfriend found out about Eli’s fears, he played Eli like a trumpet.  It was hilarious.

After the fun rehearsal, we headed back to the Riggins’ house for the rehearsal dinner.  This is the event I had cleaned for!  Inside and out!  We had filet mignon and grilled chicken along with twice baked potatoes, garden salad, and BBQ bread.  Per the bride and groom’s request, we also had the small bottled Cokes on ice.  Nothing better…except that we followed it all up with a choice of red velvet cake or pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream – compliments of Janice Allman…duh.  Yep, we were all as full as ticks at the end of the evening.

And that’s when we all sat back and took turns offering our “love” for the bride and groom.  Steve, the best man (yes, in every way) began the tears flowing as he explained that this is our second wedding with Wes.  The first was April 14, 1995 when Steve asked a little toe-headed 5-year old boy to accept him into his life forever, promising to love and care for him always.  And boy has he.  As Wes would share later, Steve changed the course of his life by teaching him all he needed to know about sports, life, and especially about the Lord and being a good husband.

It’s funny; Steve said that when folks ask him how long he’s been married, Steve says, “17 years.  And we have 3 sons, Wes is 22…”  *scratching record”  It’s great to see their faces when the math doesn’t quite add up. Lol!

Caleb & Eli even shared how much they love and appreciate their older brother and I shared – with scrunched up, ugly, cry-face – how blessed I am to be Wesley’s mother and what a joy that night was; seeing many prayers come to fruition as I had prayed for Wes’s wife for 22 years and here she was. ❤

I could never articulate all of the precious sentiments that were shared that night, but one thing truly struck me.  Wes was reminding everyone that he had met Kendal three weeks before he deployed to Iraq.  For the next six months, they could only depend on Skype and email to stay in touch.  Wes said he could feel their connection slipping with his absence and asked me if I would reach out to Kendal for him.  I remember well my many Starbuck’s dates with Kendal as we got to know each other, making her feel like a real part of our family.  As Wes was sharing this memory, I spoke up and said, “So basically I dated Kendal for Wes until he could get back.”  Haha! 🙂  Suffice it to say, my dating tactics worked because Wes picked up right where he left off when he returned and the rest, as they say, is history.

Wes & Kendal = perfect match.  After dating for nearly three years, I’m pretty sure Kendal knows what she’s getting into.  And, may I say, she fits into the Riggins life like a glove.

“…the plans that Heaven has for you will all too soon unfold…”


I’m thankful for all of the kind remarks our family has received regarding Wes & Kendal’s wedding!  It was such a special and blessed event for our family!

Yesterday, I shared the emotional moment when our groom saw his bride, adorned in white, saved solely for him; and the overwhelming emotion the bride felt when she saw her groom waiting to claim her as his own forever.

No matter how many weddings I’ve sung in (literally hundreds), I have to say that the first eye contact the groom has with the bride is always my favorite.  I’ve been hired as “the wedding singer” so many times, not really knowing anyone in the wedding party; but regardless of whether I know their “story” or not, as soon as the bride turns the corner and her groom catches sight of her, tears well up in my eyes.  It’s a very special moment.

Saturday, Kendal’s father, Joe, led her down the center aisle that had been untouched, saved only for the bride, to her awaiting and adoring husband-to-be.  As much as Wes loves and respects his new father-in-law, I could tell…he just wanted him to hand her over to him!

The pastor, Paul Waters (amazing minster and precious friend of our family), asked, “who gives this bride…” and Joe graciously placed Kendal’s hand in Wesley’s.  I could read their faces…”this is really happening!”

What happened next was a moment I had been both dreading and anticipating since they were engaged in October.  You see, Wes & Kendal had asked if I would sing in their wedding.  The singer in me wanted to say, “Yeah!” but the mom in me was thinking, “How in the world will I get through that?”  It meant so much that they would ask me to sing and I was honored to say, “Yes.  I’d be happy to sing.”

The song was selected and I began to practice…sort of…well, not really.  Here’s the thing; I couldn’t get past the first line of the song!  “It’s only for a moment you are mine to hold…” and as if on cue, TEARS WERE POURING.  How would I get through this?  I don’t mind an emotional song, but I contend with two things:  first, I cannot sing when I’m crying and second, I’m an UGLY crier.  For real!  My face scrunches up and it’s completely outside the realm of my control to straighten it.  The harder I try the worse it gets.

I have learned through hard experiences that what works best for me is to just get in my car, pop in the soundtrack,  and sing and cry and sing and cry until I can sing without crying.  It’s what I’ve had to do when singing for all of my grandparents’ funerals, it’s what I had to do to sing for my father’s funeral, and it’s what I did to prepare for the wedding.

Thank the Lord, it worked.  

I only felt a lump come into my throat when Wes & Kendal turned to look at me.  So, I closed my eyes. 🙂  Tears averted.

“It’s only for a moment you are mine to hold; the plans that heaven has for you will all too soon unfold.

So many different prayers I’ll pray for all that you might do;

but most of all I want to know you’re walking in the truth.

And if I never told you, I want you to know, that as I’ve watched you grow…

I pray that God will fill your heart with dreams

And that faith gives you the courage to dare to do great things

I’m here for you whatever this life brings

So let my love give you roots, and help you find your wings.”

That’s the first verse and chorus to Mark Harris’ beautiful song, “Find Your Wings”.  And that’s the song I was honored to sing for Wes & Kendal’s wedding.  I’m thankful that I could sing the words of this song knowing that Wes is endeavoring every day to walk in the Truth – Jesus Christ.

It’s true you know…it’s only for a moment those little ones are ours to hold.  Cherish those moments, Moms.  They don’t stay small for long…but at least Wes stayed “toe-headed”. 🙂

Funny for the day…remember I wrote yesterday that Eli was quite emotional over Wes getting married.  When asked if he would cry at Caleb’s wedding, he said, “Yeah, but not for Caleb; for the poor girl he’s marrying.”  Feel the love, huh?

“It’s only for a moment you were mine to hold…”


I’m going to preface this entry by saying that this week, my blog will be chocked full of wedding stories!  I have no lack of things to write about and I want to share them with you all!

Wow, what a weekend we’ve had!  Saturday was simply the perfect day for for an outdoor wedding.  And, as I’m certainly not biased, I can say without doubt that out of all of the 100’s of weddings I’ve been part of, Wes & Kendal’s was by far the most beautiful.


Christ was at the center of every part.

For the first time, I sat on the front row, right hand side reserved for the groom’s mother alone.  And my direct view was our oldest son, dressed in complete dress blues (ooh rah), my husband (best man…in every way), and my two younger sons proudly awaiting the entry of the bride.

As the song, “When I Say I Do”, by Matthew West began to play, for the first time, my Marine began to cry.

He saw his bride coming and this was the moment he had been waiting for…


I suppose I had cried so much leading up to this day that I was able to simply beam with joy for him.  Anyone who saw Kendal would agree that she was a picture of beauty; but her beauty is far beyond what can be seen on the outside. I saw her just before I was seated and she said, “I’m so happy, I just can’t stop crying…”  Let it go, girl.  It’s a beautiful thing to see someone so overwhelmed with love that all they can do is cry.


How many times I’ve felt that way…as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter.  Tears sometimes say what words can’t express.

I’ll pick up right here tomorrow as I share this week about the wedding that has added a new member to “The Riggins Life”.  But I can’t end this post without a funny story…

At the end of the wedding, Eli came up to me BAWLING.  He was able to hold it together during the ceremony, but after it was over, the water works began.  When he finally composed himself enough to tell me what was wrong, he asked if Wes would ever be coming around because he was going to miss him so much.  Wes came over and held his little brother while he cried and assured him he would still be around and very much a part of his life.  When Wes walked away, Eli says to me, “I’ll be honest with you, Mom.  I want a wife!  I’m seriously jealous of Wes.” 🙂  That kid never ceases to crack me up!


NEWS FLASH….Tic Tac has found a new home.  We’re certainly going to miss that puppy, but my brother’s little girl, Gracie Lou, fell in love and there was no leaving Burlington without him.  Tic Tac will live in Virginia Beach with Rob, Peg, Gracie Lou, and their dog “Noche”.

I will admit that my guys were none too happy about Tic Tac leaving.  I overheard Eli telling Gracie Lou, “He’s a puppy and you know puppies chew up everything.  He’ll probably chew all of your Barbies heads off.”  There were tears from Eli AND Steve, but they both feel good that Tic Tac will have a good home.  Eli decided that he could get over the pain of losing the puppy better if we got him the Lego book he’s wanted.  Oh, Eli….


No mess will impress


Today is CLEANING DAY.  I’ve got folks coming over tomorrow night for a rehearsal dinner so, you know things have to be spotless.  I put off cleaning as long as I could because a) I live in a house full of guys, b)  I had other things that  needed my attention, and c) it’s easier to put off cleaning the house.

Now, you will not hear these excuses coming from my mother’s mouth.  I’m amused when she talks about spending all day cleaning.  I’m thinking, “What in the world could you be cleaning?  Oh, I know, it takes you all day to find things that need to actually be cleaned!”  I have affectionately tagged her “O.C.D.” regarding her house.  While I can sleep like a baby with a single, dirty cup in my sink, she CANNOT….WILL NOT.  Of course, now she lives alone, but boy did we keep her hopping when her house was full with a husband and three kids!

Mom’s has a “want to/need to” issue.  She wants to have everything in it’s specific place at ALL times so she needs to stay on top of things.  Mine, on the other hand, is a need to/have to situation.  I need to have a clean house because people are coming tomorrow night so I have to clean it up.  Don’t get me wrong; we don’t live in a pig sty (most days), it’s just that my house is more “lived in” (nice way of putting it, huh?).

Now, to be honest, I don’t think that my mother was born with her O.C.D. tendencies; rather, I think she became programmed to them as a young bride and mother.  She tells the story that before Chris was born (so at least 42 years ago), my dad pastored a small church in Denver, NC.  He got paid a whopping $35.00/week.  Along with this sizable income, our family was provided a parsonage – a house owned by the church – to live in (but my parents had to pay their own utilities).  My mother had to work an outside job while taking care of two children. And, being the pastor’s wife, she was warned to always keep the parsonage clean and presentable because folks could and would drop by at any time.

Thus her need to always have things in tip top shape.

Boy was she fun to live with growing up.  Chris & I would get our toys out to play and heaven forbid we have to go to the bathroom because when we got back to our toys, they were gone.  PUT AWAY.  I was never allowed to close my bedroom door during the day or leave clothes laying ANYWHERE.  Everything had to be put in it’s rightful place.  One of the perks about her “condition”; when we got up to take our morning showers, we returned to made up beds. True story….we never had to make our beds (we couldn’t get them tucked just right anyway).

Fast forward to today.  Because of her cleanliness and the environment I grew up in, I WANT a clean house (and I can’t stand to leave the house with an unmade bed).  The problem is that the cleaning part was so often done for me that I don’t have the gumption sometimes to keep it as tidy as my mother keeps her house.  I’m not as “prepared” when company drops by unannounced.

So today, I will work tirelessly to get this place in order so that people coming over will think, “Man, they live in a clean house!”  Good thing they’re not dropping by now.  You see, my sweet mother could have folks come by right now and her house would be as clean is it would be tomorrow night.  She’s prepared.

Christians, this will PREACH!  With each generation, we get further and further from a  “clean house”. “Dirt”  (sin) is swept under rugs and messes shoved into closets so that on Sundays it appears our houses are clean.  But drop by during the week and what would our spiritual house look like?  But think about who we’re to reach as Christians…the LOST.  Guess when they see you?  Not so much in church but rather in your every day life.  Do they see a clean house?  Does your daily living match the picture you “hope” they’re seeing each day?

We cannot afford to have spiritual dirty houses.  Like my godly mother, we must be prepared every day to represent Christ to everyone we meet…whether we expected them or not.

2 Timothy 2:15  “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”